Vikings QB Kirk Cousins discusses his relationship with Seattle's Russell Wilson

The two played memorable college games against each other and trained together leading up to the draft.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins discussed his relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson leading up to Monday's game in Seattle.

The two met-up in memorable college games with Cousins at Michigan State and Wilson at Wisconsin in the Big Ten. They were teammates at the Senior Bowl and trained together leading up to the draft.

“We spent roughly a couple months from the end of the college season to the combine,” Cousins said. “We spent a lot of time together. That’s when you could see, not only his ability which you obviously saw from a distance when we were playing against each other in college, but just his work habits, his intelligence, his leadership and command. You could see all the traits that have enabled him to go on to great success in the NFL. I think all the guys who trained with him there in Florida when we were together are not surprised by what he’s been able to do. Bobby Wagner was there, as well, training with us. There were a lot of good players that you end up coming across as you play in this league.”