Kirk Cousins knows there has been inconsistency, excited to see what's ahead

Cousins talked about the final four games this season and what the Vikings need to do to secure a playoff spot.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins knows the team has had some inconsistency. But he also knows the team still has a possible playoff spot to secure.

He said the final four games of the season can determine the Vikings' outcome even though they are 6-5-1 as they head to Seattle on Monday night. He said he's excited to see how the team performs.

“I do think that we can point to some times throughout the year that we’ve underachieved, not because we weren’t giving effort or preparation, but we just haven’t been able to sustain the level of potential in this locker room play-in and play-out,” Cousins said. “And I think that’s what we’re challenging ourselves to do in this final stretch of four games is bring your absolute best to the table, fulfill your potential every play and every game and if we do that let’s see where we are at the end of the month.’’