Mike Zimmer talks about kicker Dan Bailey and decisions on fourth down

Zimmer still lets Bailey kick in the second half, tries once on fourth down.

Mike Zimmer reportedly told Michele Tafoya of the TV announcing crew on Sunday night that he would try to convert fourth downs in the second half after kicker Dan Bailey missed two field-goal attempts in the first half.

Zimmer told Tafoya he didn't want to place the game on Bailey's foot.

Zimmer did let Bailey kick one field goal, in which Bailey was good from 37 yards. Later, Zimmer kept the offense on the field on fourth down in the red zone because he wanted to score and put the game out of reach.

"I was frustrated, but I was going to be aggressive in this ballgame," Zimmer said. "I don't think you beat teams by being passive. And I was going to be aggressive anyway. We screwed up -- it was fourth and (inches) -- in that first part of the game on our own 45-yard line or something, and I was going to go for it there, too.

"So, I mean, everyone was frustrated because he missed two kicks. But, quite honestly, I have a lot of confidence in this kid. The second one, because we false started, it was a 56-yarder. But I have a lot of confidence in this kid. Every day in practice, he hits them and he's got a good demeanor about him. I don't doubt that."