Adam Thielen/Vikings have plenty of reasons to dance (the dead arm?) in victory

Jeffrey Becker, USA TODAY Sports Images

Thielen continued his assault on the record books with 11-catch, 123-yard day while starting a new team end-zone dance.

MINNEAPOLIS- After scoring a 13-yard touchdown, Adam Thielen turned immediately to his incoming teammates and pointed at them.

The signal, apparently, was to follow through on Thielen's request for a team touchdown celebration. Several Minnesota Vikings stood in place, and flailed their arms, sort of jiggling their entire bodies.

Those watching had no idea what to make of the dance. Some wondered on Twitter if the group was "flossing." Others likened it to the "Bernie Dance" from Weekend at Bernie's 2.

Thielen clarified later.

"It was the 'dead-arm dance,'" Thielen said. "Everyone's doing it. It's the cool thing."

His teammates were a little more dubious.

"I guess he said it’s a dance that they do in Mankato," running back Latavius Murray said. "Adam said that. I would prefer I don’t have to see it again. It was pretty funny though.”

Of course, Thielen played college football at Minnesota State in Mankato. Quarterback Kirk Cousins even followed through with another attempt after his touchdown run.

"He says that's what they used to do back in the day at Mankato State," Cousins said. "It looked pretty familiar because I've been at some parties where some people who can't dance do that as well. I like to embrace my limitations as a dance.

"I guess I'm honest about it. That's a dance I can get behind."

Whatever his designated choice of dance moves, Thielen has plenty of reasons to celebrate this season.

He had 11 catches for 123 yards on Sunday, extending his team and league records.

Thielen has 58 catches this season, setting an NFL record for most catches through the first six games of a season. It's a team record for most receptions in six consecutive games at any point in the season. Percy Harvin had 49 catches to start the 2012 season. Cris Carter had 50 catches in six straight games three different times in his career.

"I know he doesn't think there's a ball he can't catch, for sure," coach Mike Zimmer said. "That's how he is in practice every day. He laid out in practice the other day and goes, 'Why did I do that?' Just one of those things.

"The kid, Adam has a great heart. He's a really tough kid. He comes over to me and talks to me during the game about stuff going on and it's always about, 'these guys can't guard me' and all the stuff like that. Adam is a heck of a football player and I'm glad he's on our team."

Thielen became just the second player in NFL history to start the season with at least 100 yards receiving in the first six games. The only other player to accomplish the feat was Charley Hennigan for Houston in 1961.

Thielen has 712 yards receiving this season, the seventh-highest total in NFL history through the first six games of a season. Hennigan's 798 yards in 1961 is the record.

Thielen's 712 receiving yards are the most in franchise history through six games, surpassing Randy Moss' 666 yards in 2003.

"I feel like I sound like a broken record, but it's such a team stat," Thielen said of surpassing 100 yards. "When you have great players around you, that's the only way you can do those things. We have so many great players and great guys that are selfless. We have great guys and I appreciate them. We have a great quarterback and a great play caller. It's just fun to have that. You want this team to be successful and do your part in helping them win."

Thielen played a big role in the win Sunday by coming up with a clutch reception on third down.

On the first drive of the second half, Thielen laid out to catch a pass from Cousins right at the first-down marker to convert on third-and-13. The drive finished with Thielen's touchdown catch.

"I just think that is a hidden play, right?'" Cousins asked. "We went down and scored on that possession. If we don't convert that, we are punting. The odds of converting a third-and-13 with their pass rush are not high. We hadn't been very successful on third down prior to that. That is a big deal."