The Houston Texans Have 22 Potential Free Agents Heading into 2019

The Houston Texans Have 22 potential free agents heading into 2019 and work has already started for 2019.

Houston- The Houston Texans 2018 season ended on a sour note and now the organization is now moving forward to 2019 to figure out what needs to be improved for the roster. Texans General Manager Brian Gaine will move to the forefront with the off-season arriving and take over the task of finding players to upgrade the team both in the NFL Draft and free agency.

“We obviously have to fix things." Head Coach Bill O'Brien said in his final press conference of the season.

"Brian (Gaine) and I always talk about the roster," O'Brien explained. "I’m not going to get in to all the details of that, but clearly there’s some things that we need to do. We’ll begin those discussions right away tomorrow. But, that takes – that’s a long process."

With the season just ending this past weekend, O'Brien is working to clear his head to get into off-season mode and help Gaine with player evaluations and needs for the team.

"I definitely, at some point in time pretty soon here," O'Brien explained. "I get a second wind and get excited about helping Brian (Gaine) because now Brian really takes over relative to the draft and free agency and things like that, but we work very well together."

Gaine and O'Brien will work together to locate players, along with scouts and coaches they will evaluate players to come up with their draft board. With the Shrine Game, NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine on the calendar, the Texans will crank up their scouting and meetings in the coming month.

"I mean, that is a long process," O'Brien continued on the off-season plans. "That’s a day-by-day, months. That’s Senior Bowl, combine, free agency, all the things that we’re mapping out. We actually met this morning on the calendar just to map out daily what we’re going to be doing for the next few months to try to get this organization where we need to be, which isn’t where it was yesterday, but I do believe it’s in the right direction.”

The Texans have to figure out their own free agent situations heading into the off-season, most notably Jadeveon Clowney, Kareem Jackson and Tyrann Mathieu.

Texans Unrestricted Free Agents

What is an unrestricted free agent? Unrestricted free agents have completed four or more accrued seasons. Upon expiration of his 2017 contract, an unrestricted free agent can sign with any club with no draft choice compensation owed to his old club.

Notable UFA

CB Kareem Jackson, Age:31, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

FS Tyrann Mathieu, Age:27, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

OLB Jadeveon Clowney, Age:26, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Other UFA

  • RT Seantrel Henderson, Age:27, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • CB Kayvon Webster, Age:28, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • DE Angelo Blackson, Age:26, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • QB/WR Joe Webb, Age:32, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • CB Shareece Wright, Age:32, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • ILB Brian Peters, Age:30, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • QB Brandon Weeden, Age:35, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • RB Alfred Blue, Age:28,Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • DT Brandon Dunn, Age:26, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • ILB Josh Keyes, Age:26, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • OT Kendall Lamm, Age:27, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
  • DE Christian Covington, Age:25, Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Restricted Free Agents

What is an restricted free agent? Restricted free agents are players with 3 years of NFL service whose rights are still to some extent controlled by their former team. The new CBA limits restricted free agents to players who signed as undrafted free agents or were drafted and subsequently waived from their 4 year contracts or injured. For the most part teams had eliminated drafted rookies even under the old CBA from this process though some teams such as the Steelers and Packers would only sign late round selections to 3 year deals and allow them to become restricted free agents.

  • ILB Tyrell Adams, Age:27, Status: Restricted Free Agent
  • DE Joel Heath, Age:26, Status: Restricted Free Agent
  • OLB Brennan Scarlett, Age:26, Status: Restricted Free Agent

Exclusive Rights Free Agents

What is an restricted free agent? These are the players with 2 or less seasons in the league, a status reserved almost solely for undrafted rookie type players. Once tendered they can only negotiate with their former team. The tender offer is only a one year non-guaranteed contract at the minimum salary level so most teams would use the ERFA designation on players who were on the roster late in the prior year and signed to a 1 year deal. Usually these offers are signed as soon as they are made since nothing is gained by waiting.

  • K Ka’imi Fairbairn, Age:25, Status: Exclusive Rights Free Agent
  • WR DeAndre Carter, Age:26, Status: Exclusive Rights Free Agent

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