Johnathan Joseph "Sad" to See Kareem Jackson Leave, But Knows it is a Business

Houston Texans Johnathan Joseph "Sad" to See Kareem Jackson leave but he knows the NFL is a business.

Behind the scenes, the Houston Texans knew they were moving on from defensive back Kareem Jackson heading into the 2019 season. During Super Bowl week, Jackson did not hide that he was ready to test the market and stated that he was sure that his time with the Texans was coming to an end prior to the opening of the new league year. The Texans decision to ignore Jackson's contract situation gave him the ability to sign a new deal with the Denver Broncos. Even with an established veteran like Kareem Jackson, the Houston Texans follow the model of a normal NFL team: it is all business.

Long-time teammate and friend, veteran cornerback Johnathan Joseph has spent countless hours with best friend Jackson since 2011. Their lockers might have been across the locker room from each other but the two were always yelling at each other with smiles on their faces. Now, with the exit of Jackson, Joseph caught up with Mark Berman of Houston Fox 26 to discuss Jackson’s departure.

“It is a sad feeling, man,” Joseph stated.

“It hasn’t sunk in really yet because we haven’t actually been on the field, been in the locker room things like that,” Joseph continued, in response to Berman. “It’s the off-season, so you kinda just feel it from that standpoint.”

For the last eight seasons, since 2011, Joseph and Jackson were penciled in as the starting cornerbacks for the defense. The combination of the two veterans made an impact on the field but an even bigger one in the locker room. The duo offered well-respected voices and were veterans on whom younger players could lean - either simply by watching their work inside and outside the building or being available to talk in times of need.

“Playing with a guy like Kareem for that so long, dependability, you know exactly what he is thinking,” Joseph continued. “You know what he brings to work each and every day, you know what type of guy he is, teammate he is, good guy off the field. That part of it will be missed, but I think all-in-all, obviously, the Texans have to build a team regardless. So, that is part of the business there are a lot of emotional ties with Kareem because he has done so much for the city of Houston.”

Joseph knows that with Jackson heading to Denver, it is all part of the business.

“Just him being a long-time member with the Texans,” Joseph said of Jackson’s impact on the organization. “Valuable player, great player, great presence in the community and in the locker room and what he meant to the team. He will definitely be missed, but at the same time, that is part of the business.”

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