Cal McNair Knows the Houston Texans Have the Resources to Improve the '19 Roster

Houston Texans Cal McNair is still bothered by the Eagles loss; knows resources are there for improved roster in 2019.

The Houston Texans continue to prepare for the off-season with the NFL Combine around the corner and a multitude of pro-days taking place prior to the NFL Draft. The Texans will be getting to work to find ways to improve their roster which will impact the production on the field.

Texans Chairman and CEO Cal McNair joined SportsRadio 610 at the Houston Sports Awards on Wednesday to discuss the his thoughts on the team and expectations moving forward.

McNair was pleased with the Texans bouncing back from a slow start to win the AFC South title but the Philadelphia Eagles loss in week 16 still does not sit well with him. The Texans took a late lead in the 4th quarter and the defense could not prevent the Eagles from driving the length of the field for a late second field goal which the Texans ended up dropping the game 32-30.

“Looking back on it,” McNair said of the season on SportsRadio610 “One of the things we really have to focus on next year, we were 2-minutes away in Philly, they were backed up on their 10, of getting the second seed in the AFC. We were really that close to being in a better spot than we were and we got to focus and get that done.”

A win that game against the Eagles, would have put the Texans in the 2nd seed in the AFC and a bye week in the process to start the playoffs. That loss against the Eagles proved to be a deciding factor on how the season would eventually end.

McNair also knows the problem spots with the Texans during 2017 season and he knows the fans are aware of what those issues are the with the roster. With offensive line and cornerback clear holes on the roster, McNair sees that the Texans have the resources to address key needs and he is expecting the decision makers in Brian Gaine and Bill O’Brien to make the right calls for an improved team heading into 2019.

“We have more resources this year than we had last year to improve the team,” McNair continued. “And we will use all those resources in all the different ways; free agency, the draft, undrafted free agency, throughout the whole season we will look at trades, whatever we can do to get better. Brian Gaine and coach fully embrace that and we will do that to get better.”

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