When the Oakland Raiders were ... the Black and Gold? It's true

Remember when the Silver and Black was the Black and Gold? Well, neither do we. But Pro Football Journal's John Turney does, and he shows us just what those Raiders looked like.


(Art Powell photo courtesy of the Oakland Raiders)

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One thing about the Oakland Raiders: There's seldom a dull moment.

There was, for instance, a time when the Raiders weren’t the Silver and Black. They were the Black and Gold. Honest. And they weren’t very good.

That was 1960-63 when the Raiders’ uniforms were a close cousin to the NFL Chicago Bears (except the Bears were navy and orange), but where their record was not. Oakland was 19-37; the Bears were 33-18-3 and won the 1963 NFL championship.

Hard to imagine? Not really. Pro Football Journal’s John Turney brings those Raiders ... and their uniforms ... back to life in a recent post where he chronicles the early days of the Silver and Black -- er, Black and Gold -- and shows us just what those Raiders looked like: http://nflfootballjournal.blogspot.com/2016/03/when-silver-and-black-was-black-and-gold.html