Tom's the Man

Talk of Fame Network

Our readers have spoken -- it’s Tom Brady.

We posed this question in our first Talk of Fame Network poll -- If you could choose one quarterback to win one game, who would it be?

Brady was the only non-Hall of Fame option among the four quarterbacks listed. Our readers gave him 27 percent of the vote, followed by Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana at 25 percent apiece and Otto Graham at 23 percent.

Your hosts of Talk of Fame Sports Network disagreed, of course. Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge voted Otto Graham and Ron Borges went with Unitas.

“The reason is simple -- winning,” Judge said. “Otto Graham won wherever he was: NFL, AAFC, college, pros, it didn't matter. He went to 10 straight league championship games, and, no, I don't care that some of them were in the AAFC. I just care that he was always there. Always. Better yet, he won seven of those times.

“But that's not all. Any idea who has the best regular-season winning percentage among quarterbacks? It's not Tom Brady. He's second. It's not Peyton Manning, either. It's Otto Graham at a staggering .814. So, let me see if I have this right: It didn't matter where or when he played -- he always won. Works for me.”

Borges was partial to Unitas, a three-time champion and two-time MVP.

“You would seldom lose with any of these quarterbacks,” Borges said, “but Unitas invented the two-minute drill and wrote the blueprint on how to run it.

“Unlike Montana and Brady, he called his own plays, fully running the show once the game began. He was not an extension of his coach, as even Graham was. He was the coach once the whistle blew. That's what separates him from the rest.”

Since stepping in as quarterback of the Patriots in 2001, Brady has steered New England to 11 AFC East titles and won 77.4 percent of his starts. He has taken the Patriots to eight AFC title games and five Super Bowls, winning three of them.


*Photo courtesy of the New England Patriots/ David Silverman