TOFN podcast: Oscars night -- Our Hall of Fame of best football films ever

It's Oscars Night, so our Hall-of-Fame voters choose their five favorite movies of all time ... and, guaranteed, you're in for a surprise.

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As Hall-of-Fame voters, it's our job each year to pick the five best modern-era players or coaches who belong in Canton. So, then, here's the question: As Hall-of-Fame voters, why can't we also mark Oscars night by choosing the five best football movies ever made?

Answer: We can. And we did.

We joined with former Hall-of-Fame voter Nick Canepa, columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune and a movie fanatic, to mark this Sunday -- Oscars Sunday -- by naming our five favorite football films of all time on our weekly Talk of Fame Network podcast.

It wasn't easy, and it definitely wasn't predictable.

"Jerry Maguire?" Didn't make the cut. "Rudy?" Uh-uh. "Brian's Song?" Nope. Not even mentioned.

So what did make it? Ah, there's the catch. For an answer, you'll have to listen to the podcast ... and we have it locked and loaded for you right here, right now: