TOFN podcast: Holmgren -- These are the traits I value most in young QBs

Former NFL coach and GM Mike Holmgren lists the traits he values most in young quarterbacks on the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast.

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Quarterback is the most important position on a football field, and there were plenty of qualified quarterbacks at the annual scouting combine in Indianapolis last week. In fact, there were at least four expected to be chosen in the first round of the April draft.

So what are NFL teams looking for when they pick one? For that answer, our latest Talk of Fame Network podcast turned to a guy who not only worked with Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks but went to Super Bowls with them -- former Green Bay and Seattle coach Mike Holmgren.

As a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, he had Joe Montana and Steve Young in San Francisco. As a head coach, he had Brett Favre in Green Bay and Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle. And as someone who has been to ... and won ... multiple Super Bowls, he has definite likes and dislikes about the quarterback position.

So we wanted to hear them. Specifically, we wanted to know what traits Holmgren values most in a young quarterback, what he looked for when he attended NFL combines and how someone like a Tom Brady could slip through to the bottom of the sixth round.

Holmgren was only too willing to cooperate, and you can hear it all right here, right now: