Tarkenton on Tinglehoff choice: "I cried. This has made my day"

Former quarterbacks Fran Tarkenton and Kurt Warner are this weekend's guests on the Talk of Fame Network, as Rick, Ron and Clark dissect Mick Tingelhoff's Hall-of-Fame candidacy and kick around the importance and hazards of a third week of preseason football.

Tingelhoff is a natural topic. As members of the Hall's nine-man senior committee, Rick and Ron recently returned from Canton after making the former Minnesota center the Hall's 2015 senior nominee -- 36 years after he retired.

"Mick Tingelhoff is the reason we have a senior committee," said Gosselin. "Of the 17 players in this year's slate of senior finalists, I thought Mick was the best candidate -- the quality of his play, the quality of his teams, the longevity of his career. Thirty-one years was long enough for him to wait for his chance to be discussed as a Hall-of-Fame finalist. Mick was an oversight that needed to be addressed."

Having Tarkenton weigh in on the choice is a natural, too. Not only was he Tingelhoff's quarterback with the Vikings; he's a close friend who was so overwhelmed by this week's news he agreed to join us for a rare interview. Moreover, he promised to return to Canton next summer for the first ... and only ... time since his 1986 induction.

"I cried," he said of Tingelhoff's choice. "Mick doesn't cry, but I do. This has made my day."

Warner is another logical fit for this weekend's program. He was buried on the St. Louis Rams' depth chart until the third preseason game of 1999, when starter Trent Green tore knee ligaments and Warner's career abruptly moved forward -- so much so that he's a Hall-of-Fame candidate in 2015. We asked Warner for his thoughts on this weekend, as well as when ... and where ... the next Kurt Warner appears if the NFL goes to an 18-game schedule and cuts its preseason schedule to two starts.

It's all there this weekend on the Talk of Fame Network, where you can also hear Ron's impassioned pitch for Ken Stabler to the Hall, Rick's explanation of why Jerry Kramer may have to wait and Rick, Ron and Clark on the future of Cleveland's Johnny Manziel -- a quarterback, incidentally, both Tarkenton and Warner were not afraid to slice, dice and splice.

"What advice would you give him?" we asked Tarkenton.

"Get your life in order," he said.

And we do ... this weekend on the Talk of Fame Network.