Talk of Fame Network 'Best Of' shows kick off!

The Talk of Fame radio hosts are on vacation, but their show is not. Beginning last week, we will air three consecutive weeks of the "Best of Talk" programs, featuring some of the top guests of the past year -- including Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin, Brett Favre, Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Namath, Marcus Allen, Roger Goodell and 2015 Hall-of-Fame inductee, Ron Wolf.

Bill Parcells

(Namath photo courtesy of the New York Jets)

(Parcells photo courtesy of the New York Giants)

Talk of Fame Network

If it’s July, somebody must be on vacation … and somebody is. Like Ron. And Rick. And Clark.

Your three Talk of Fame Network hosts are taking a break after 49 weeks on the air, but their show is not. Nope, the show must go on, and beginning last weekend, the Talk of Fame initiates three weeks of a Best of Talk series -- with coaches, players, GMs, owners and one very notable commissioner involved.

You will hear some of the best guests of the past year, including Brett Favre, Jerry Jones, Joe Namath, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, Ron Wolf, John Elway, Michael Irvin and Marcus Allen. All but Johnson and Favre are Hall-of-Fame inductees (Wolf goes into Canton next month), but stay tuned. Favre is up for election in February, and he’s an overwhelming favorite to make it.

And speaking of Canton … look for our Hall-of-Fame crew to be there for Hall-of-Fame weekend in early August. Moreover, look for them to return to the air later this month to preview Hall-of-Fame weekend and the upcoming season – both on the field and at the Hall-of-Fame polls.

Week #3 'Best Of' Executives, Agents & Assistants Show

Week #2 'Best Of' Players Show

Week #1 'Best Of' Coaches Show