Stabler tops polls again

Ken Stabler photo courtesy of the Oakland Raiders
Ken Stabler photo courtesy of the Oakland Raiders

(Photo courtesy of Oakland Raiders)

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Oakland quarterback Ken Stabler continues to pad his reputation as a winner.

The former Oakland quarterback has been as successful in our polls as he was on the field, winning another this past week when readers named him the as the one former league MVP who most deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Stabler won in a tight race over runner-up running back Terrell Davis, winning 43 percent of the vote to Davis' 37. Former Cincinnati quarterback Ken Anderson was third at 13 percent, with former San Francisco quarterback John Brodie checking in at 7 percent.

Stabler was a popular choice with our Hall-of-Fame selectors, too, with Clark Judge and Ron Borges each choosing him as Hall-of-Fame worthy.

"Ken Stabler was a winner, a leader and a big-game performer," said Borges, who once covered the Raiders. "He won 75 percent of the time he led the Raiders on to the field, which is both a quarterback and MVP's responsibility. He fulfilled his (responsibility) better than nearly anyone you can name, which made him most valuable indeed."

Rick Gosselin dissented, picking Anderson instead.

"Ken Anderson was a two-time passing champion and the first quarterback ever to complete 70 percent of his passes in one season," Gosselin said. "If Pete Johnson could have score on fourth-and-1 in the 1982 Super Bowl, Anderson would probably already be in the Hall of Fame."