Seymour: Getting to Super Bowls seemed "the norm" with Pats

Talk of Fame Network

When former New England defensive lineman Richard Seymour was traded to Oakland he didn't realize how much he'd miss what he had -- and we're not talking about Tom Brady or his teammates and coaches. We're talking Super Bowls.

Seymour went to four in New England, winning three of them. He went to none in Oakland, where he finished the last four years of his career.

"I did become accustomed to winning Super Bowls early in my career," he said in an interview with the Talk of Fame Network's weekly radio broadcast, as part of its six-part Dynasty series, "and thought it was the norm."

The loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII was especially tough for him. Not only did it end the Patriots' unbeaten season; it was the last time he would go to an NFL championship game. In fact, it would be the last time he would go to a playoff game.

"I didn't watch Sports Center or anything for about a month after we lost that game," he said of the Super Bowl defeat. "I just didn't want to hear anything about 19-0, and now you're 18-1 ... To get to the mountain top and lose it ... it was painful. It was hurtful. You fight so hard. You have to go through so much sacrifice to get to that moment."

Seymour would go through more sacrifice in his career, moving on to the Raiders where they didn't win. But, he said, while the team failed to meet expectations, his play did not. In fact, he said if you were to rewind the videotape to his career with the Raiders you would have no trouble noticing him.

"I could show you my tape in Oakland," he said, "and I was far more aggressive and dominant. I felt I had some of my best film, in terms of being more dominant up front, than I I had in New England."