Say it's so, Joe! Gibbs sweeps poll


(Photo courtesy of Washington Redskins)

Talk of Fame Network

Apparently, he’s no ordinary Joe.

Former Washington head coach Joe Gibbs pulled the improbable this week, winning our Best Coach’s poll with an overwhelming majority of votes from our readers, as well as a sweep of our three selectors from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s not as if that’s unique; but it does happen about as often as a New York Jets’ victory.

Which means it’s rare.

Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls with Washington, pulled in 64 percent of the ballots, well ahead of second-place finisher Bill Belichick (30 percent). Both far outdistanced Vince Lombardi (3 percent), Bill Walsh (2 percent) and Don Shula (1 percent).

Historians will tell you Gibbs’ greatest accomplishment was winning three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks – none of whom was Hall-of-Fame worthy. And they’re right. But cynics would add that Gibbs is the only head coach under Daniel Snyder to take the Redskins to two playoff appearances … and he did it in four years.

“The other four coaches all built championship portfolios with one Hall-of-Fame quarterback,” said Rick Gosselin. ‘Gibbs won with three different quarterbacks – and none are in the Hall of Fame. That, my friends, is great coaching.”

Ron Borges and Clark Judge agreed, though Judge said it was a photo-finish between Gibbs and Walsh – mostly because Walsh revolutionized football by popularizing the West Coast offense.

“You have to go with Gibbs,” said Borges. “He’s the only one in this group who won it all without a Hall-of-Fame quarterback and the only one to win it with difference non-Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks. How do you beat that? Only with a Hall-of-Fame quarterback by your side.”