Ronnie Lott Interview 10-24-14

Former San Francisco defensive back Ronnie Lott joins the show!

Lott, who was such an accomplished defensive back he was part of two all-decade teams, dropped a minor bombshell when he nominated the 1981 San Francisco 49ers -- the first to win a Super Bowl -- as the most memorable of the four Lombardi Trophy winners he played on and the one he'd nominate for induction to the Hall of Fame.

"The '81 team was an incredible team because we found a way to persevere," he said, "and we found a way to become a great team. The '88 team was the most talented team, and the '84 team was a very talented team. Both of those teams were arguably some of the best teams in the history of football. But the '81 team was a lot like a lot of things in life where you find a group of people that can change the world and come together, and that's exactly what we did. And that mantra became the battle cry for that organization through the '80s and '90s."