Rodgers or Favre? Upon further review, Driver chooses Bart Starr

(Photo by Vernon Biever/Green Bay Packers)

Talk of Fame Network

It was a difficult choice for former Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver Donald Driver. He played with Brett Favre. He played with Aaron Rodgers. So which of the two would he pick if he had one game to play?

Driver wrestled with the question on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast while he thought out an answer. But, in the end, he came to grips with a tough decision.

“If I had to choose one that I know would do it,” he said, “I would probably choose Bart Starr.”


“He played in the era where there wasn’t a lot of protection,” Driver said. “He played (when) the game was hard-nosed football, and that’s what I loved about him. Getting to know Bart over the years … what with me being in Green Bay … he showed that leadership; he showed that determination that you can fight through anything.

“I remember when I received an award from him one time, and he said, ‘You have a bright future with the Green Bay Packers; just keep doing what you’re doing.’ When guys like that tell you those things it makes you go out and play hard every single day – not just to prove to yourself that you can play but also to prove to them you’re not going to let them down.”

Driver’s decision makes sense. After all, Starr is the most decorated quarterback in Packers’ history. He won five NFL championships in seven years, is a Hall of Famer, was a league MVP, was a Super Bowl MVP, won nine of 10 playoff starts and has the highest playoff rating (104.8) in league history.

But he wasn’t on the draft board when Driver chose. Nor did he play with him. And that helps explain why Driver decided on Starr.

“I don’t like to cause conflict between any great players because both of them are great players,” he said of Favre and Rodgers. “I’ll say this: Not too many receivers can play with two great quarterbacks. One is a Hall of Famer (Favre is up for selection in 2016), and I hope the other will be a Hall of Famer one day.

“When you look at both of them, one of them is more vocal … and that’s Aaron. Aaron is a more vocal quarterback. He takes what the defense gives him. And Brett was the guy who wasn’t vocal. The way he played the game made you play the game that even better.

“And that’s what I loved about him. He would always say, ‘I’m not going to talk to you; just watch how I play.’ And hope that you could play the same way. He didn’t have to say too many things to me. Most of our talking was just hand signals and eye coordination. And I knew what he meant.”