Packers' McCarthy: Never undersell instincts in quarterback

The Green Bay Packers have a history rich in quarterbacks, from Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. So it makes sense that the Talk of Fame Radio would ask Packers' head coach Mike McCarthy -- who won a Super Bowl with Rodgers and who Monday agreed to a multi-year contract extension -- to define the most important trait in quarterbacks.

His answer was simple.

"Something that stood out to me when I was around (Joe) Montana in Kansas City ," he said on last weekend's broadcast, "is the instincts ... the ability to see the field and the discipline in your instincts to take what's there and not change the game. Whether it's (Joe) Montana or Brett or Aaron, these guys see the game so fast they see all the little things. Just the discipline to take the completions and be aggressive at the right time is the most important trait."

McCarthy was an assistant coach in Kansas City when he worked with Montana, and he's been the only head coach for Rodgers -- a quarterback so accurate, successful and sharp that McCarthy said he has no doubt Rodgers could, as quarterbacks did decades ago, call his own plays for an entire game.

"We're an adjustment offense," he said. "We don't line up and run a lot of plays at the percentage that we used to two to three years ago. So, he would definitely be fully capable, and it's something we entertained a few years ago -- of calling a whole game -- no doubt about it."

McCarthy is in his ninth season with Green Bay and has been so successful there -- reaching the playoffs all but two seasons and winning four division titles -- that the town named a street (Mike McCarthy Way) near Lambeau Field after him.

"I drive it every day," he said. "I come in that way and go home that way. It's unique, and it's special. They don't have the sign up yet, but it's a tremendous honor. You're talking about the past and current (teams). My ultimate goal is to leave this organization in a better place than when I arrived."

Asked if ever got a speeding ticket on that street, McCarthy said he did not. But ...

"I got a speeding ticket on Holmgren Way one time," he said. "That's a true fact. I think it was my first or second year, Hopefully, I can stay out of that."