Now hear this: Jones, Parcells ring out 2014 on Talk radio


(Photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys)

Talk of Fame Network

Dallas owner Jerry Jones and Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Parcells headline the last Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast of 2014, with Jones predicting playoff expansion – and maybe soon – for the NFL, with the pool increasing from 12 teams to 14.

“One of the things that I think really would enhance the cities’ pride in their teams and involvement in their teams is to give a couple more teams a chance to be in the playoffs,” Jones said. “(Adding two teams) is not enough additional playoff games to create a situation like you might have in other sports where you have too many regular-season games and diminish their value. I know that most of my colleagues and ownership share my view that we should add a couple of teams to the playoffs.”

Jones said he believed a change happen in the near future, adding that an expansion would be contingent on the league’s TV agreements “because it will impact the inventory of the games.” Jones also addressed the L.A. situation, 18-game schedule and his wish to improve the NFL in an interview that also addressed how San Diego, not Dallas, nearly became “America’s Team.”

But he wasn’t alone. Parcells, who was inducted into the Hall in 2013, joins the second half of the show, talking about his success making over clubs, how it takes “the total support of the people you’re working for,” and how an NFL assistant makes the difficult jump to becoming a successful head coach.

“A lot of coaches now have a degree of expertise in one area,” he said. “Either offensive coordinator or ‘quarterback whisperer’ or even defensive coach. You really need someone to assist you on the others side of the ball until you get acclimated to being a head coach.”

One of those assistants who made the jump was former Parcells’ assistant, Bill Belichick, who just won another AFC East title and who has sustained a remarkable run of success with New England – winning 10 or more games in 11 straight seasons, including a 16-0 record in 2007.

“They’ve got all the key ingredients in place and have been able to retain them,” he said of the Patriots. “They have a great coach, a great quarterback and they’ve been able to transition their defensive players fairly well. To their credit they’ve integrated an awful lot of new players into their system … they’ve just done a remarkable job there.”

Parcells also talked of how, when he was at Wichita State, he took up the challenge to wrestle a caged bear, hoping to win a new car in the process. Though he failed, he gained a great story out of it.

“I got him leaning back,” he said, “but I didn’t get him back far enough, and he fell back on me. It was downhill from there.”

Jones and Parcells aren’t the only ones to ring out 2014. Hosts Rick Gosselin, Ron Borges and Clark Judge return the Christmas gifts that stopped giving a long time ago, as well as offer their Hall-of-Fame choices for the year. Borges makes a Hall-of-Fame case for former tight end Pete Retzlaff, Gosselin tells us why the AFL deserves more credit than it’s gotten and all are brought together for the last Two-Minute drill of 2014 – where -- among other things, they decide who’s the MVP for Jerry Jones’ Cowboys.

All this … and more … on this week’s Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast.