No photo finish here; Brady landslide winner in latest poll


(Photo courtesy of the New England Patriots)

Talk of Fame Network

We’ve had close calls in polls before, but this was not one of them.

Asking who was the best sixth-round draft choice in NFL history is a little like asking who you’d rather have at quarterback – Johnny Manziel or Johnny Unitas? There can only be one answer.

So our readers and panel were in synch when it came to producing an answer … and will Tom Brady please step forward?

Brady was a runaway winner, gaining 74 percent of the vote in what could accurately be described as a landslide victory, and there’s a good reason: The guy’s been to more Super Bowls than any quarterback and won as many as Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. More than that, he’s regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

So to run against Brady is a little like running against Secretariat: Everyone else is competing for second. And second went to Terrell Davis and Antonio Brown, tied at 9 percent each, while Jack Christiansen and Ken Riley brought up the rear at 4 percent apiece.

“Even for me, this is a no-brainer,” said our Ron Borges, who covers the Patriots. “There’s Tom Brady, and everybody else is fighting for second place. Does anybody really think there’s a more valuable pick made in that round than a guy who has won four Super Bowls, two league MVPs, three Super Bowl MVPs and more games than damned near anybody who ever played the game?”

In a word ... no.

That’s what made this such an easy choice, with Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge falling in line behind Borges … and everyone else.

“Tom Brady,” said Gosselin. “Nothing more needs to be said.”