Judgements: Dak's all, folks

The Dak-Tony debate just ended, with Prescott winning in a TKO. No, the Cowboys haven't made a decision, but they don't need to. Just keep Dak Prescott in the lineup and Tony Romo on the bench.

By Clark Judge

Talk of Fame Network

Dak Prescott says the Dallas Cowboys are Tony Romo's team, but he's wrong. They're his.

Prescott drove that point home again Sunday with a 30-16 upset of the Packers in Green Bay … where it's difficult for anyone to win, let alone a rookie. But in winning his fifth straight start, Prescott effectively ended the Prescott-Romo debate – with Prescott winning by a TKO.

Look, the guy is accurate, doesn’t make mistakes and has learned how to make big plays. More important, he wins. In fact, he wins so much that he has Dallas … yes, Dallas … on top of the NFC East, and tell me where you heard this story before. That’s right, what's going on now is reminiscent of what happened in New England in 2001 when veteran Drew Bledsoe was hurt in the second game of the season.

Photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys
Photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys

The Patriots turned to their backup, and the rest you know. Tom Brady never left, and the Patriots went on to win four Super Bowls with him.

Now let's get something straight: Dak Prescott is not Tom Brady, and, no, I'm not pushing the Cowboys for the Super Bowl. But Prescott is doing for Dallas what Brady did for New England in 2001, which is pumping life into a club that suddenly ... unexpectedly ... has momentum. Prescott is young, effective and hot, and tell me which one of those adjectives describes Tony Romo.

Yeah, I know, he makes the big bucks. But so did Bledsoe, and you saw what happened there. He sat down, and he sat down for a reason: Because Tom Brady gave the Patriots a better chance. So does Dak Prescott with Dallas.

(Tony Romo, Dak Prescott photos courtesy of Dallas Cowboys)


Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons
Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons

(Matt Ryan photo courtesy of Atlanta Falcons)

  1. So Atlanta lost. Big deal. The Falcons made a statement, and it goes something like this: We're legit. They pushed Seattle to the mat at home, and they did it with 252 yards of offense in one quarter. Yeah, I know Atlanta started 5-0 a year ago, but this game tells me these Falcons are built for the long haul.
  2. Dan Quinn was right: Richard Sherman got away with a PI on that last-gasp pass to Julio Jones. Lucky for Sherman and Seattle that instant replay doesn’t review all calls.
  3. Suddenly, Eric Dickerson's rookie rushing record of 1,808 yards doesn’t look so untouchable – not after Ezekeil Elliott does that to the league's No. 1 run defense.
  4. It's way past time for Cam Newton to grow up. He didn’t get a pass on that post-game news conference at the Super Bowl, and he won't get one on his post-game news conference Sunday, either. The guy is supposed to be a team leader. Well, then, ACT LIKE ONE.
  5. Bad news, Pittsburgh: Ben Roethlisberger undergoes knee surgery Monday for torn cartilage. Worse news: The Patriots are next on the schedule.
  6. The Tom Brady Revenge Tour is right on schedule. Since Brady returned last weekend, the Pats outscored opponents 68-30. When the Patriots ran the table after Spygate in 2007, they scored no fewer than 34 points in their first seven games after Roger Goodell dropped the hammer on them and their coach.
  7. Coming soon to Pay Per View: Rob Gronkowski vs. Vontaze Burfict, with Richard Sherman vs. Kam Chancellor on the undercard.
  8. Too bad they didn't unretire Brett Favre's number Sunday at Lambeau. The Packers could've used him.
  9. Home-field advantage is back. Home teams were 10-3 this week, including last Thursdays game.
  10. No, I don’t know how good the Chiefs are, but I do know I don’t want to face them after a bye. With that win, Andy Reid is 16-2 after a week off.
  11. Is it too early to submit the name of Buffalo offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn for assistant coach of the year? The Bills are 4-0 since he took over.
  12. NFC South quarterbacks are shredding Carolina's defense. They're 80 of 116 for 1,187 yards, with nine TDs, two interceptions and a rating of 120.9 . Oh, yeah, they're 3-0, too. Josh Norman, where are you?
  13. That was no coincidence that LeSean McCoy saved a career game for. Chip Kelly ... the guy who ran him out of Philadelphia. Nope, it was more like retribution.
  14. The Dolphins fire two offensive linemen that started last week, then Jay Ajayi goes off -- running for 204 yards. Question: Is there a cause-and-effect thing that just happened here?
  15. Not very often you get to say this, but the AFC North was 0-4 Sunday. Even stranger: Cleveland scored the most points (26) among the division's teams.
  16. Drew Brees says Carolina's Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis might be the best linebacking tandem ever. Guess he never heard of Jack Ham and Jack Lambert.
  17. Memo to Odell Beckham: Let's find something other than that kicking net to use as a prop. It was funny once. Not anymore.
  18. Uh-oh, the bubble just burst in Philadelphia. Next two games? Minnesota and Dallas.
  19. Not sure who has it worse – Chip or Brian Kelly. All I know is they're a combined 3-10.
  20. Brock Osweiler didn't win that game for Houston. Lamar Miller did. But give Osweiler this: He made the big throws when he had to, pulled off an improbable comeback and backed off his critics ... at least for now.


Rob Gronkowski photo courtesy of the New England Patriots
Rob Gronkowski photo courtesy of the New England Patriots

(Rob Gronkowski photo courtesy of New England Patriots)

Rob Gronkowski is A-OK. Those 162 yards were the most by any Patriots' tight end …ever. Not so surprisingly, Gronk has the top five marks.

The Carolina Panthers have something in common with Cleveland: Neither is going to the Super Bowl.

Beware Washington. The Redskins look as if they're serious about defending their NFC East title.

It's not easy being a Ravens' fan. Twenty of Baltimore's last 22 games have been decided by one score (eight or fewer points), and the last two ended with Baltimore falling just short of the end zone as time expired. The Ravens lost their last three by a total of 11 points.

Sorry, RG3, but Cody Kessler won't be sitting down again.

The 49ers have a quarterback who won't stand up for the National Anthem and a defense that can't stand up to the run.

The Bengals should have kept either Marvin Jones. Or Mohamed Sanu.

The Rams are where they're most comfortable: .500. The club hasn’t had a winning season since 2003.


Photo courtesy Green Bay Packers
Photo courtesy Green Bay Packers

(Aaron Rodgers photo courtesy of Green Bay Packers)

What's wrong with Aaron Rodgers. That’s the second straight game he where played more like Mr. Rogers.

Who's the team to beat in the AFC West. Me? I still think Kansas City wins the division.

Why we should believe in anyone from the AFC South.

What is happening ... or not happening ... with Pittsburgh on the road. The Steelers dropped their last two games there by a combined 46 points, their worst back-to-back road performances since 1989.

Why the Eagles can't pay attention. They have a franchise-worst 49 penalties through five games.

Why a PI wasn’t called on that last Matt Ryan throw. It was a no-brainer.


New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. Coach Ben McAdoo calls him "a lightning rod," and he has that right. He can electrify a team. Only problem: Sometimes that team is on the other side of the line of scrimmage. But not on Sunday. Beckham looked like the All-Pro receiver of years past with 222 yards, two huge touchdown catches and a 66-yard score with just over a minute left to keep the Giants from dropping a fourth straight game.


Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers. He hasn't thrown for 300 yards this season and has as many interceptions (3) as touchdown passes (3) the past two games. Basically, Aaron Rodgers he's not. Rodgers will tell us to relax (R-E-L-A-X), but there have been enough overthrows, underthrows and missed throws the past two weeks to unnerve Packers' fans and make them wonder how ... or if ... the Pack can push Minnesota for the NFC North title.