Jacoby, Johnston recall fierce Cowboys-Redskins rivalry

Hall-of-Fame semifinalist Joe Jacoby has no doubt Lawrence Taylor was the toughest man he ever faced and that the Cowboys were the toughest team

Joe Jacoby photo curtesy of Washington Redskins
(Photo courtesy of Washington Redskins)

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With a new year upon The Talk of Fame Network guys, the show this week is dedicated to both looking forward and glancing back. The latter will be done by former Washington Redskins’ All-Pro tackle Joe Jacoby and ex-Dallas Cowboys’ fullback Daryl Johnston, who recall how fierce the Redskins-Cowboys’ rivalry once was as those two teams square off for the final time this season on Sunday.

“If you’re only going to win one game, we won the right one,’’ Johnston said of the 1989 Cowboys that won only one game, a victory over the Redskins at RFK Stadium.

That year was the dawning of the Jimmy Johnson Era in Dallas. Four years later the Cowboys would win the first of three Super Bowl titles in four years, often getting there at the expense of the Redskins.

Jacoby was a charter member of "the Hogs," the powerful offensive line that took Washington to three Super Bowl titles of its own in the 1980s on his way to being selected to the NFL’s all-decade team and as one of the 70 greatest Redskins of all-time. He recalls why Redskins’ line coach Joe Bugel christened his line "the Hogs" and how he became a starter in 1981 despite being an undrafted rookie free agent.

“I was a guy no one thought anything of,’’ said Jacoby, who people now think enough of to have made him a Hall-of-Fame semifinalist this year. “I looked forward to going against the best.’’

And who would that be?

“Hands down, Lawrence Taylor,’’ Jacoby said. “He was a man on a mission every time he stepped onto the field.’’

The same could be said of the TOF’s third guest this week, rookie St. Louis Rams’ running back Todd Gurley. Gurley is a strong candidate for NFL Rookie of the Year, having rushed for 1,108 yards and 10 touchdowns, trailing only Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson and Tampa’s Doug Martin.

Gurley says he’s not AP, but that’s what he aspires to become.

“That’s why I play this game,’’ Gurley tells Talk of Fame. “To be that elite running back who carries that load. I feel I’m that kind of player.’’

Although Gurley is a fan of both Peterson and Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch, when asked if he had to draft one back in his prime who would it be, his choice was easy.

“I can’t say another person,’’ Gurley joked. “I got to go with myself.’’

The same could be said of our Talk of Fame co-hosts, Rick Gosselin, Ron Borges and Clark Judge, who this week give you their New Year’s resolutions for the NFL, their predictions of what’s going to happen in Los Angeles and what the Hall of Fame future may be for another of this year’s semi-finalists, former Cardinals' and Chargers' coach Don Coryell.

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