Doug Atkins: A Bear of a man

Hall-of-Famer Doug Atkins, a giant of a man and a football player, died Wednesday at the age of 85. Atkins, who spent most of his 17 years with the Chicago Bears, was a star whose career was rife with accomplishments ... and pro football historian John Turney recites them with this tribute to someone he calls "a Bear of a Man."


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Hall-of-Fame defensive end Doug Atkins, a giant of a man and a giant of a football player, died Wednesday at 85.

Atkins, who was 6-feet-8 and 280 pounds, was a fearsome pass rusher who played in the 1950s and 1960s and spent most of his 17-year career with the Chicago Bears. He appeared in the Pro Bowl eight times with the Bears and was the star pass rusher on the 1963 team that allowed an average of only 10 points per game and won the NFL championship with a 14-10 defeat of the New York Giants.

Atkins cannot and should not be forgotten, and NFL historian John Turney reminds us why with his obituary of one of the greatest Chicago Bears: