DeLamielleure: Given chance, I'd put Klecko, Jacoby in the Hall

Hall-of-Fame guard Joe DeLamielleure thinks there are two former linemen who belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and they're both named Joe -- defensive lineman Joe Klecko and offensive lineman Joe Jacoby.

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Former guard Joe DeLamielleure is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so it figures he might have an opinion on who belongs there … and who does not. And, as it turns out, he does.

When DeLamielleure appeared on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast we asked if he could name one player to get a free pass into Canton … and he could not.

He named two.


"There are two guys that I would give a free pass to, and both their names are Joe," he said. "Joe Jacoby and Joe Klecko. They dominated on their side of the ball. Just amazing players. Joe Klecko made All-Pro (actually, the Pro Bowl) as nose guard, defensive tackle and defensive end, and, man, he could play. He was a handful.

"And Jacoby ... I was amazed at his size, his mobility. I think he really deserves to be in. And I'm talking linemen ... Those would be my two guys."

What's interesting about his choice of Jacoby is that he played tackle for the Washington Redskins. DeLamielleure played guard, first for Buffalo, then for Cleveland and, later, for Buffalo again. So let's get this straight: A guard studied a tackle? Really?

"I did," he said. "We were kind of amazed at his size, how nimble he was. And the other thing is he was undrafted. He was an amazing guy. He was from Louisville, he's undrafted and he was a workaholic. And he dominated people. He was kind of a freakish guy because he was so big and so mobile. A lot like Ron Yary."

Jacoby is one of 26 semifinalists for the Hall of Fame's Class of 2017 and is expected to make the cut to 15. A year ago he was one of 10 finalists before the list was trimmed to five. Klecko is a senior candidate whose name has yet to be called.

(Joe Klecko photo courtesy N.Y. Jets)

(Joe DeLameilleure photo courtesy Cleveland Browns)

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