Dan Reeves: Here's the list of best head coaches I faced

Dan Reeves has been to more Super Bowls -- as a player and as a coach -- than anyone in NFL history, so he knows how difficult it is to get there. That's why we asked him to name the toughest coaches he had to overcome and the one or two that he would like to see considered for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dan Reeves coaches from the sideline during a game.
Dan Reeves coaches from the sideline during a game.

(Dan Reeves photos courtesy of the Denver Broncos)

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Dan Reeves isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he could be. And maybe he should be. As a player and coach he participated in more Super Bowls than anyone in NFL history – going to two as a player, three as an assistant and four as a head coach.

So Dan Reeves knows Super Bowls, and he knows what it takes to get there. And what it took for him to get there – at least as a head coach – was overcoming some of the best and brightest to walk the sidelines.

So we asked him to name the best coach … or coaches … he faced.

“It’s hard to pick out one,” said Reeves, who tried after extolling his own coach, Tom Landry, on the latest Talk of Fame broadcast, “but, certainly, coach (Don) Shula stands there. Coach (Chuck) Noll … we lost a couple of Super Bowls to the Pittsburgh Steelers … but coach Noll was really something special.

“When I came into the league we had the meeting with head coaches, and he sat next to me and made me feel like I was part of the National Football League. He didn’t have to do that, and I’ve always respected him for that. But also for his coaching abilities. Certainly Joe Gibbs, who, I coached against so many times. (He) was just an exceptional football coach. And now Bill Belichick is a phenomenal football coach. That’s just some of them.”

With the exception of Belichick, all are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And it’s not exactly a reach to say that Belichick will be there one day, too. But there are plenty of others – including Reeves and the other guest on this week’s show, former San Francisco coach George Seifert – worthy of Hall-of-Fame consideration. So we asked Reeves to name the coaches he thought were deserving of Canton.

And he named two: Don Coryell and Chuck Knox.

“Those two were exceptional coaches,” he said. “They were outstanding. And Don, from an offensive standpoint, was so creative -- did so many unique things and accomplished so much. And coach Knox got the most out of his people, and that’s what coaching is all about – trying to get your players to play up to their capabilities.”

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