Chavous: Draft's best prospect? It not Jared Goff or Carson Wentz

Former Pro Bowl cornerback Corey Chavous is now a draft expert with his own website, and, the way he sees it, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz aren't the best players in this week's draft. Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil is.


(Corey Chavous photo courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals)

Talk of Fame Network

The best player in this week's NFL draft is not Jared Goff. Nor is it Carson Wentz. It's Laremy Tunsil.

That's the opinion of former Pro Bowl cornerback Corey Chavous, who now runs his own draft website ( and who joined us on this week's Talk of Fame Network broadcast to talk Tunsil, quarterbacks, running backs, pass rushers and the Tennessee Titans.

First, though, he started with Tunsil, the all-SEC left tackle from Ole Miss, whom Chavous rated as the draft's best prospect.

"A little bit surprising that he ended up on the top, though," he said, "because for us the injuries are normally a little bit more of a concern when you have somebody that had as many as he had … and then the off-the-field stuff. But I do believe in terms of talent and an ability to bend, I think he’s rare in that aspect of his game.

"(There are) the eventual questions about zeal and maybe the power as a run blocker as well, but I don’t think that’s a big deal at all. They didn’t ask him to do much power blocking there at Ole Miss. I just believe as long as he learns to get more depth in his pass set I think he’s going to be a great player."

Three weeks ago, Tunsil led most NFL mock drafts. But then Tennessee traded away the first pick to the Los Angeles Rams, and Tunsil fell down the board -- with some mocks having him the fifth or sixth player taken. In his place at the top is a quarterback, with Cal's Jared Goff the popular choice among most experts -- and Chavous can see why.

"The big thing with Jared is the experience," he said. "You’ve got a three-year starter, a player who came right in to school and was productive in the Pac-12 and then he was able to continue that for a three-year period ...

"When you look at him on a consistent basis, and really the pocket toughness and his ability to stand in .. I don’t think it was any more advertised than in his final game against Air Force when he stood in. I know people say, 'Air Force?' Well Air Force brings a lot of pressure. They bring all-out blitzes. They bring the house. And i think that’s just an example of who he is.

"You can’t name an offensive lineman from Cal that will be drafted, but the left tackle from North Dakota State (Joe Haeg) is going to get drafted. The left tackle from Memphis (Taylor Fallin) is going to be a guy who’s probably going to be a right tackle in the league. So they didn’t have a great offensive line at Cal."

Unlike most experts, Chavous doesn't rank Wentz as his second quarterback, and it's not because of the competition he faced at North Dakota State.

"For me," he said, "it came down to the types of mistakes, when he made those mistakes and what teams he made them against. (Like) Sam Houston State FCS semifinal, 2014. I didn’t think he played real well in that game. That’s a game I think scouts have to dive into. They brought a lot of pressure in that game.

"Even Coastal Carolina there were some uneven moments. If you were just watching the first three or four games this year … he only played in seven this year … there was an added improvement, but I like to look at the whole body of work. When you talk about a player who didn’t give you two really full seasons of starts, that’s a big difference from what you got even from Lynch. So, out of the three quarterbacks he has the least amount of experience. So you have to go back to the 2014 film, and some of that film was a little bit uneven."