Breaking down Brady's career vs. Manning into Parts A & B

Tom Brady's career seems to be divided in two, and let's call them Parts A and B. Because that's what John Turney of the Pro Football Journal does in his look at how Brady's career vs. Peyton Manning seems similarly divided.

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(Tom Brady photos courtesy of the New England Patriots)

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Tom Brady is 2-6 in Denver and hasn’t beaten Peyton Manning on the road in the playoffs. An ominous sign? Maybe not.

As John Turney of the ProFootball Journal points out, there is a division in the career of Brady vs. Manning – dividing it into Parts A and B. He has the numbers. Draw your own conclusions:

As our Ron Borges pointed out in the Boston Herald, statistics and numbers are like hostages: You can make them say whatever you want them to say. But Turney’s story – and number-crunching – is worth a look, especially with Brady-Manning XVII upon us.