Brad Johnson: "No doubt" John Lynch makes it to Hall of Fame

Former safety John Lynch has been a two-time finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but his candidacy stopped there. That doesn't discourage former teammate Brad Johnson who is confident Lynch will make it "because he definitely deserves it."

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(John Lynch photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Bucs)

(Brad Johnson photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings)

Talk of Fame Network

Former safety John Lynch isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Yet. But he will be, according to former teammate Brad Johnson – and for all the right reasons.

“He definitely deserves it with his play and what he did over his career,” the ex-quarterback told The Talk of Fame Network’s latest broadcast. “And (for being) just the man he was … not only what he did on the field but what he did off the field, too.”

Johnson, who appeared as part of the TOF’s “Out of Their League” series' look at the World League of American Football, played with Lynch in Tampa Bay. They not only were part of a team that yielded Hall of Famers Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp; they were part of the only Tampa Bay team to win a Super Bowl XXXVII – with defense dominating the afternoon.

Lynch has been a finalist the past three years but hasn’t graduated to the final 10, partly because the Hall’s selectors seem to have a bias against safeties (there are only seven inductees who played the position alone). Nevertheless, Johnson is confident Lynch’s day will come.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt,” he said. “Obviously, his Pro Bowls … he did it in Tampa. He did four Pro Bowls in Denver. He went to an AFC championship game in Denver. He went to two championship games in Tampa.

“It’s unfortunate. People say, well, he didn’t … and, well, he didn’t … Well, you know what? He did. He redefined (the position). He’s an unbelievable hitter. You do not want to cross the middle with him. He’s a guy who can get down to the box … an eight-man box. He had his interceptions.

“Each player in the league has their faults. You can say some receivers they have their catches, but they caught a lot of bubble screens. Well, you can say he (he played in) a Cover-Two so he wasn’t a cover guy. But he accomplished. And every team he played on was successful. He made Pro Bowls in the AFC and the NFC.

“Sometimes when you get to the vote for the Pro Bowl or the Hall of Fame it becomes a political deal in who they’re trying to push forward. Do we put one receiver in or, do we put two receivers? Who do we put in next year? Unfortunately, it happens that way, and those guys who do make it deserve it. And John will be one of those guys in time.”