"A complete defeat for the NFL"

The NFL has said it will appeal Judge Richard Berman's decision Thursday, but that could take months and it might not like what it could hear. That's the opinion of our legal analyst, who described what just happened as the NFL's worst nightmare.


By Clark Judge

Talk of Fame Network

Shortly after Tom Brady scored a decisive victory over the NFL Thursday, the league office announced it would appeal the verdict – in essence, putting Brady and Co. on notice that this is far from over. And it might be. But there is no sugar-coating what went down Thursday.

The NFL … and Roger Goodell … got hammered. Tom Brady was the hammer, and Roger Goodell was the nail.

So now what? Well, that’s why I call on Geoffrey Rapp, the associate dean for academic affairs and Harold A. Anderson professor of law and values at the University of Toledo’s College of Law. He’s impartial, he’s smart and he’s almost always on target. I want to know how he views the decision, where this case goes next and what the league’s chances are of winning on appeal.

Roger Goodell, you better sit down. You won’t like what you’re about to hear: