Audio: Offensive Line Coach Mike Solari 7/30/18

Monday press conference: Offensive Line Coach Mike Solari

(On offensive line’s post practice run) “No. No. Just working, getting some extra work, getting some extra conditioning.”

(On the first couple of days in pads) “Awesome. Awesome, guys are working hard. Defense is working our ass off. We’re getting better up front. It’s early, it’s early, it’s the same thing right. We got to get the pads down, we got to get the hands up, but it’s great. It’s great to get in the pads. Things happen quicker and all of sudden there is more strain and you compete to win. So, you got to strain and finish everything, it’s awesome.”

(On Duane Brown’s leadership) “Just watch the way he practices, watch the way he plays the game. Watch the way he competes, he leads, on and off the field. I know you men and you women don’t see it off the field, but in the meeting room, in the sense of being a pro, listening. In the back of his mind, he is like I got it, but he’s listening, focusing. He’s trying to learn, trying to be the leader, in the sense of the young men, how to prepare as a pro. It’s hard in training camp, it’s hard because you got to stay locked in throughout all the meetings, and he’s been excellent. He’s a great leader, great position leader, great group leader, offense, great team leader.”

(On Duane Brown’s skills) “Again, the key thing about big men, tackles, is number one their ability to move, flexibility. His ability to play the game with leverage and he’s a smart football player. We like to say football intelligence, FBI. He’s got great awareness, anticipation. He’s got a great feel, a great sense of all defensive linemen, linebackers. Alignment, their alignment, their depth at that linebacker like I said earlier. Or safeties, rotation. He’s got a great sense, he has great knowledge, and that’s what’s awesome because he can share it with the young guys. Hey here’s what I saw, here’s what you got to see.”

(On Ethan Pocic) “Again, what I see from Ethan Pocic is a guy that it’s very important to. He’s got a passion for the game. He competes, he wants to be good. He wants to be a part of a unit that can lead and help win a championship.”

(On Germain Ifedi) “Right guard, great eyes. Okay, with Germain, he’s working hard just like the other men. We’re getting better, we’re getting better, we got to keep building.  Again, like I told you before earlier, the key thing is with the pads, he’s putting it together and coming on. Pete, like I said before, Coach Carroll, you guys know better than I do, it’s about competition, it’s about competing. The best five start, best five starts. So, we wanted to work them in a little bit in a sense of playing some different positions. We wanted to keep the integrity, the unit together so we can build that unity, that comradery, but we got to work some guys in a little bit if an injury happens or we have to move some guys. So, we’ll do that throughout every day to try make a little adjustment here and there.”

(On if the movement is because Isaiah Battle is doing well) “Yes, yes, and again, as you all know, we’ve got a couple guys that are working back so again, yes. It’ll change every day. It’ll change every day. That’s the key thing about what – competition. Every day. Compete. Every man is competing to make the roster, every man is competing to start, every man is competing for a role on this team to help win a championship.”

(On getting George Fant and Rees Odhiambo back on the practice field) “Can’t wait. Again, we’ve got to find the spots for them. We’ve got to find the spots for them but the thought process is initially, starting off, starting Rees at guard and George at tackle because of the limited reps initially. We’re going to keep George grounded at the left tackle, but again, he’s got to be ready to adjust. Again, the best five start. The best five start, so again, we’ll adjust accordingly if needed.”

(On if he had five starters in mind coming into camp) “No, it’s an open competition. You do have to have a starting point, so those five were there for a reason. No, it’s open competition. Everybody’s competing. Iron sharpens iron. The best five start and be ready if we have to move some guys to get the best five on the field.”

(On D.J. Fluker) “Pure ass attitude. D.J. has been – he’ll pound you. He’s a guy that brings the passion to the game. Again, I know you guys got great eyes, (watch) the way he works on the football field. He loves the game. He loves the game. He loves when the pads come on. He’s a physical football player and he brings passion and he brings an energy and a physicality that you want on your offensive line. You want that physical-ness, you want that toughness on your offensive line, and he brings it.”