Audio: Head Coach Pete Carroll 7/27/18

Friday press conference: Head Coach Pete Carroll 7/27/18

(On the defensive line) “Exactly that. Really. Those guys, their opportunity. They realize it’s their chance to really have to take over, and they have done everything they can to put their best foot forward and make sure that they get that done. We made a couple really nice acquisitions to add to it with Tom (Johnson) and getting Shamar (Stephen). It’s a very competitive group. It looks like a group that’s going to be a great rotation for us and they’re feeling it. They’re feeling the opportunity, really. It’s accelerated all of their work throughout the offseason and they feel it in camp, too.”

(On the changing secondary) “No, it’s the same challenge it always is. Every year, you start it again. Sometimes there’s more carryover than others, but it’s always going back to work and it’s really the work that sets kind of the whole thing in motion, and the guys matching up to the challenge of it. These guys are doing, since the moment we started in the offseason, they kind of separated and showed that they were going to stay late and stay longer and work a little bit more and do something together to build their own mentality, which is exactly how it’s happened in the past so we just see it through. See the process and see, really, the guys that emerge. The young guys, can they emerge and be a factor? You know? Those guys will factor into the whole attitude, as well. It’s really fun to watch and there’s great things happening in that group and I have no problem counting on the leadership in there.”

(On the vibe and attitude around Training Camp) “Not in the way you’re asking it. I notice the attitude of these guys and what it is. Really, I’ve been cheerily in form the whole time just because they’ve been so fired up and they’ve been so positive and they’ve been so tuned into this opportunity and they’re going to go cash in and make the most of it. Just like it’s happened in years past, it’s no different. It happened years ago and it kept happening and it kept changing. There’s always been new guys in the group and they’ve all been accepted. This place, our team is really good about accepting new people and being open to the new personalities and the ways that guys bring and that’s just continuing to happen now so it just seems like an extension, but there is a shift that took place. It took place months ago and we’re well beyond that right now.”

(On the fun of coaching new defensive backs) “Really, it’s a blast. It’s because we’re trying to figure out what unique qualities each guy brings and then how we will bring that to the surface. We haven’t seen Mo Alexander much yet. He’ll be two more days before he’s cut loose out here, and he’ll bring something special too. It’s going to be a process and we’ve got to be patient with it and make sure that we watch real well, listen real well and evaluate properly and continue to connect with these guys to bring out the best. That’s what we’re doing.”

(On the traits and progression of Tedric Thompson) “He’s a real natural player. He’s really smart, he’s got a great work ethic, he was one of – I think might have been the most productive guy in college football (based on) plays on the ball coming out (of college). You’ve seen that all along, right from when he first got here. He had to learn the system and get caught up and all that, which he has done. He’s 208 pounds right now. He’s the same kind of weight (of) guys that we’ve had play there in the past. Real fast. I think, probably, it’s all of that that gives him the chance to have a chance to separate. He’s got everything you’re looking for so we’ll see how it goes.”

(On any similarities between the former starters and the current secondary) “Yeah, there is. There is. You look at Shaq (Griffin) coming off a rookie season where he played a lot and had a really good, productive year and that kind of happened with one of our guys way back here in the past. There’s a similarity to the makeup. (Byron) Maxwell brings us good experience on the other side at this time. He’s got to try to compete to hold his job, too. We’ve got big guys, we’ve got fast guys, we’ve got playmaking guys, so it’s very similar to what it was back a while back. You’re asking me back when I was coaching New England, right? When I was coaching the same thing? Alright. Or when I was coaching at Ohio State with the secondary there? Or at the Niners? It’s always been the same.”

(On a difference in the attitude of Shaquill Griffin) “No. He’s a great focus guy. He’s learning to be a great focus guy play to play, which you have to be to be a great corner. I don’t notice anything different, no. He’s very comfortable. He’s always been very comfortable. He’s been a remarkably even-keeled guy throughout the big challenges of last year and coming off of this year. All the things that happened, he’s right on point.”

(On the involvement of David Moore over the first two days) “Yeah, it was great. Thrilled to see that. Today, in particular, to get him going. He’s a real natural athlete. Real natural ballplayer; got good instincts and feel, and he’s really strong and weighs 215 pounds or something like that. You don’t think he’s as big as he is. He came from a real small school and had a background not quite like the kind of stuff we play now, and so he’s got a lot of growth and a lot of potential to grow into our stuff. But, he’s got enough ability that we’re looking for ways to get him the football so if you noticed today, it was a good example of that and we try to show what he can do so that we can make that evaluation. I don’t feel like we got that done totally last year. It just couldn’t come along fast enough. But now, he’s ready and it was a very exciting day for him out there today.

(On the emphasis on man blocking this year) “That’s a good question. It’s an opportunity for Germain (Ifedi) to start fresh, and for all of our guys. Well, it’s already happened. It started happening months ago, but a new look and a new language. Different expectations, style of play (and) all of those things give guys a chance to see and what they’re going to do with it and how they’re going to make it. It’s going to make every one of those guys better. All of the background of all of the zone emphasis that we had – and connecting with a little bit more of the man stuff that we’ll be in combination for – it just makes them better. Germain is just one of those guys. He’s got a lot of potential. He’s had a lot of plays ready that he’s played in two years. They look like they’re getting along great and it’s going well and he’s learning and he’s adapting.”

(On what has to change in Germain Ifedi’s game) “We need his game to be cleaned up. We can’t let him be a liability because of penalties and you can’t be more obvious. He knows that, he’s heard it, he doesn’t want that to be a part of his game at all. That, I think, will come as he grows more confident and he’s more at peace with what’s asked of him and what he’s doing and so he’ll be able to focus in a way that allows him to play with the cadence and with the line of scrimmage. That’s a big point of emphasis.”

(On how Jaron Brown fits in) “Jaron’s got a style. He’s long and lanky and real fast. He’s physical, he’s done a really good job on special teams coming into us, so he’s an all-around ball player that will block well and play tough and catch the ball over the middle and take the hits and deliver the hits. He feels like a pro to us. He feels like he’s really coming in, he knows what he’s doing, he’s comfortable with picking up the scheme (and) he’s a really disciplined route runner. He’s already connecting with Russell (Wilson). They’re already developing a relationship and that is necessary for throwers and catchers. He looks like he’s going to be a nice addition. We’re expecting him to contribute in a lot of ways and be a really good all-around ball player and he hasn’t’ shown us anything to think otherwise.”

(On Chris Carson coming back from injury) “There was not a moment like that. It was just going through rehab and getting back and all. Chris has known, from the day that we first connected with him prior to the draft last year, my interest in him. I was real excited about getting him on our team, and so he knows. He knows I think a lot of him and the style and what he brings. We just had to be patient. We had to just go through that terrible late waiting period and be patient through it. He has been remarkably fit; a beautiful looking athlete out here. He’s just worked so hard and so well conditioned and so strong that he really, he’s tearing it up and so we’re real excited about it. Where we left off, he was just getting going last year and I think he would’ve been a very impacting football player on our team and we missed him terribly but he’s picked up and he’s way ahead of where he was.”

(On Chris Carson’s morale after the injury) “No, I think he went right to work at it. He’s a worker and he really does put in the time. He’s comfortable with being in the weight room. He’s comfortable with working with the trainers to get his work done. He’s a real worker, so he really just went to work and he turned it as fast as he could.”

(On Chris Carson’s growth) “His awareness of pass protections and what’s going on scheme-wise. The running game has not been an issue for him. It’s just tough for a first year guy to learn. He didn’t get the benefit of the full season and all of those lessons, but he’s done a really nice job in the offseason. He’s picked up where he left off and he’s a very good blocker. Remember, we’ve always talked about Chris as a very well-rounded player. He can run, he can catch the football, he can run good routes in and out of the backfield, and he is a very equipped blocker. He’s a very, very special guy for special teams, too. He does everything right, so he’s an exciting part of our team.”

(On how the team looks at placekicking after last year’s struggles) “I mean, that’s one year. You don’t want me to tell my Adam Vinatieri story. It’s just, you start up with the guys, you try to figure out who  they are and how you can help them and support them. Prepare them right and give them a chance. This is a great competition going on here with both of the kickers and we’re just going to take our time, play it out, see what happens, see how it goes and those guys are kicking the ball really well.

(On the placekicking battle) “They both pound the football now. Seabass (Sebastian Janikowski) continues to hit the heck out of the ball. We’ll just wait and see. It’s going to be a long time before we figure that out.”

(On what his Adam Vinatieri story is) “Oh, no. I knew him before he was a Hall of Famer.”

(On the benefit of having Duane Brown from the start, as opposed to his addition to the roster mid-year last season) “Oh, yeah. Duane made an immediate impression on us when he got here. This is a real leader. He’s a real man in that huddle and in the locker room, and we’re very, very fortunate to have him. Great worker, he’s really an astute ball player, got a great voice in perspective, he’s going to help other guys. Last year was right in the middle of everything. He couldn’t have the effect but you could see the potential, and he’s just taken off in the offseason and done a great job and he’s a great factor for us right now. I love to have him on my team.”

(On what Duane Brown showed while playing through an ankle injury) “Just who he is. We hadn’t been through the battles with him, but his first indication of ‘is he going to be tough, is he going to push,’ all that – he did all that stuff and never even left a doubt. He’s all you’re looking for. Fantastic football player (and) fantastic team member.”

(On Jon Ryan) “He’s in the competition. Jon is battling. He’s battling and he’s going to battle. He ain’t giving anything up easy. He’s going for it. He’s a great competitor, he’s been a great player for us, and we’re counting on that to continue to happen. We’re fortunate to have a situation where we can take a guy that we thought could be worthy of the competition and that’s what we did. So, the battle’s on. Those guys are going. Just like there are a number of areas on our football team, those guys are going at it just as the kickers are.”

(On Jon Ryan wanting to surprise people) “Yeah, he’s not backing off the challenge at all. He’s ready for it and he’s going for it, just the way that we would expect him to, and we’re counting on him.”