Redskins Coach Jay Gruden: "I feel good that our guys are on the same page"

Head Coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media following Wednesday's practice.

Injury Report:

I got the first injury report; did not participate, 'Mo' [Maurice] Harris, concussion. Full participation was Zach Brown, oblique, and Colt McCoy, thumb.

On roster moves:

"There are a couple new ones. Yeah, we signed [Josh] Keyes, linebacker. Byron Marshall, put him on IR [injured reserve] -- for that spot.

On if he plans on keeping six defensive linemen active:

"Yeah, we dont know yet. It depends on linebackers. It depends on everything, but theres a chance we keep six active. Theres a chance we have five active for game day, but yes, we plan on having six defensive linemen in here."

On DL Matt Ioannidis:

"Matts fine. Yeah, he practiced today."

On if he is confident that the team is on the same page:

"Well, well see. I think Arizona will have a lot to do with that, you know. I feel good that our guys are on the same page right now. There are some adjustments that will have to be made, some new things theyll have to learn by Sunday and well see how that goes. For the most part, I feel good about where they are from a physical standpoint. I think Jordan [Reed] and obviously Chris [Thompson] are in great shape. Jamison [Crowder] is working through it. Hes back in great shape, so I feel good about where they are physically. Mentally, I think theyre all smart guys and ready to roll. Its just a matter of getting on the same page, like you say, and playing together."

On game simulations in practice:

"Yeah, were trying to simulate the crowd noise a little bit, number one. Thats the most difficult thing for an offense. You know, working through the silent counts and under center and shotgun and thats really the most the biggest change. You know, other than that, its hard to simulate Chandler Jones and Patrick Peterson. Its not easy to do but well do the best we can and try to give them the best looks we can, what we think well see. But at the end of the day, very few times in pro football do you give them the exact looks for that same play that you get. Its the main thing trying to get protection set, route concepts correct, progressions the way we see it for the quarterback and go from there."

On T Trent Williams and Arizona Cardinals DE Chandler Jones:

"Yeah, I think Chandler is unique. Hes just so long and he can bend and he can close to the quarterback. So, hes got an array of moves, but really, his length, his arm length and his ability to press and then work off the defensive linemen. He can get outside, he can spin, he still has the strength too, he can spin, he still has the strength to get a bull rush in there too -- very unique pass rusher in that sense and hes good on the stunts, very quick to get up the field on the inside moves so very good. Then obviously having Trent back is a huge luxury for us. The big thing is we have to try and stay out of third and longs. When youre on the road and youre going on a silent count and Chandler gets a jump and Trent might be a hair late, it doesnt matter. Chandler is really good so we have to make sure we stay out of third and longs versus these great pass rushers."

On his confidence level in QB Alex Smith:

"I hope so. I think thats the goal. You know, hes a veteran quarterback. I know its a new system. I dont expect perfection by any means, but well dang sure strive for it. I think hes a guy that can, if somethings not there, I think we have a better chance at him making a play, making a play with his legs, which is a good thing. I dont think hell make a costly mistake. Hes smart with the football, but well see how it goes. I have confidence in Alex. I have confidence in the guys around him, also. So, just deliver the ball to the right people hopefully and stay out of those third and longs and protect the ball."

On TE Jordan Reed:

"Jordan Reed? Yeah, hes not on the injury report so he should be good."

On if Reed will be limited in the season opener:

"Yeah, well see. I think the rep count will vary. You know, we have two other very good tight ends I feel good about. 'Sprink' [Jeremy Sprinkle], whos had a big-time preseason and obviously Vernon Davis, so we have a pretty good package of tight ends there and other receivers. We can go three tight ends, or three receivers-one tight end. We have a lot in the package. We can give them a blow but I expect him to play quite a bit."

On if he knows how many projected carries he wants for RB Adrian Peterson:

"You know what, no. Ideally itd be about 40, you know, because wereyou know thatd be great. But I dont know, as the game goes on well see how it goes. These guys are pretty good against the run. They like to stack the box also. Its a matter of how were blocking and the big thing is, like I said, staying out of third and long. But sometimes you have to risk that to try and pound the rock a couple times on first and second down. Well see, you know, I think he just got here. We feel good about his talent, his skillset, but we also feel good about Rob Kelley, Samaje [Perine] and Chris [Thompson]."

On if the chemistry and history with TE Vernon Davis helps QB Alex Smith:

"I think it helps to have a familiar face with you, but at the end of the day, he didnt play with Vernon for a lot of years, and now its been a while, but they have good chemistry. I think the good thing about Alex is he pretty much meshes well with everybody and he has a good vision of the offense and where we go with the football. We are still fighting through some things and talking through some things and hes learning, and we are doing a lot of good things; a lot of good coaching out here today even. Well coach off of film today, tomorrow, Friday and go from there."

On stopping Arizona Cardinals RB David Johnson:

"Yeah, I think he has proven to be tough to stop by any defense in the National Football League. Hes a guy that can hit you inside and outside with his speed and inside with his power, and obviously he can do a great job in the passing game, you don't have to take him out on third down, you leave him out there, you can split him outside, heck hes playing receiver. So, hes a dynamic football player and the big thing is we just got to bring a gang to get him. Its just about gang tackling, pursuit to the football, and doing the best we can in that regard knowing where he is at all times."

On if he notices trends in losses in previous season openers:

"Yeah turnovers really, I think most games that you lose, you lose the turnover battle, and we did that in pretty much all of them. Key turnovers cost us in all four of those first games and it cant happen. Like I said before, critical plays and critical situations, we failed to make, and the other team did make. Thats what football is all about really, protecting your quarterback, getting after the quarterback, protecting the football, getting the ball, and obviously big players making big plays at critical times."

On the importance of QB Alex Smiths versatility:

"Yeah it is good. Weve got versatility, thats for sure. Theres a lot of ways we can get you, its just a matter of trying to condense them into a game plan for him. We havent found a play we havent liked yet, thats the problem. We have too many plays right now probably on our play list. Weve got to condense it down, but we do have the ability to do a lot of different things, a lot of different personnel groups, different run concepts and all that good stuff. We also want to try and push our will against the opposing team and be able to pound the rock and move the ball that way, without trying to be some kind of gimmick type thing. We have a lot of skill and were trying to get the ball in everybodys hands, trying to get everybody to be productive in this ballgame, but at the end of the day its about running the football and stopping the run."

On trimming down the playbook for Week 1:

"Ill never do it. I always say Im going to do it but I dont do it. [Laughter] I got the coaches asking me to do it, the quarterback, but I cant do it. You know youve got to have a lot of different groups, because you never know who is going to be out of the game. You know, you have a bunch of plays for this guy, then all of a sudden hes out in the first quarter; then you lose half your script or you lose a tight end and youre out of this personnel group, so I like to have a lot of different plays and personnel groups. Guys will learn it, they are smart. Right?"

On not wanting to cut plays he has created:

"Yeah, I havent met a play I dont like yet, so weve just got to practice them, get them called up in the right situations and execute. Its all about execution."