Redskins Coach Jay Gruden: "As for who’s playing, we’ll wait and see on that."

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media following practice Saturday.

On if he has an injury update on RB Samaje Perine and RB Byron Marshall:

"Not really. We're just going to get them rehab and see how long it takes. They should be OK though."

On when Perine and Marshall will return:

"There's no reports really, we'll just wait and see. Every injury is different and we'll play it by ear and see how long it takes."

On if Perine or Marshall will play Week 1:

"I don't know that. The injury report will come out Week 1 on - when is it, Wednesday? And there you have it."

On RB Martez Carter:

"He was [absent]. We waived him pending a physical and all that stuff as injured. We waived him injured. He was injured in the game. He hurt his leg."

On the injuries to the running back group:

"Well it happened to our offensive line last year, but we had three healthy bodies out there today. Chris [Thompson], well Kapri [Bibbs] and obviously Rob [Kelley] and they took full advantage of the reps and had a good day."

On adding running backs to the roster:

"Yeah, that is an option. We are steady making moves and we'll have a workout tomorrow. We will take a look at some other guys, so that is a strong possibility."

On the wide receivers that were not out at practice:

"We had quite a few that werent out there today - just nursing some things, some injuries of that nature. So we will get them all back after they get out of the recovery room and get their rehab and hopefully get them out there soon."

On playing the starters in the third preseason game against the Denver Broncos:

"Yeah, well wait and see the guys that are available to us number one, obviously, is the most important thing, and then well go from there. Obviously, we want to try to prepare Week 3 like its going to be a regular season game, so our preparation will be as such preparing for a regular season game just to get the cards and how were going to install and practice that week. Preview for that. As for whos playing, well wait and see on that."

On his evaluation of the offensive line following the preseason game against the New York Jets:

"I think the offensive line did a pretty good job. You know, I think [Geron] Christian battled for the most part at left tackle - starting at left tackle. Obviously [Shawn] Lauvao played well. Chase [Roullier] played well, Brandon [Schreff] did a good job and Morgan [Moses] got some quality work in his first really big action of the season for him. So, it was good work. You know, it was only about nine or 10 plays though for those starters but I like the way they came off and played."

On TE Jordan Reeds absence from practice:

"He has a virus. Hes OK. He's sick."

On DL Daron Payne and DL Jonathan Allen complementing each other:

"Very well, they played well early. You know, I think you saw the stop. They lined up an empty on the first play and then they tried running on the second play and then, obviously on third down, Payne got the sack. But, those two complement each other very well, and then when Ziggy Hood comes in there, obviously we get [Matt] Ioannidis back, Phil Taylor [Sr.] will start to practice here shortly. He practiced today. Its a pretty good group in there - [Anthony] Lanier. So, they complement each other well. Theyre multiple at what they can do is why. Payne can line up as a three, a four, a shade, whatever he wants to do. He can play - same with Jonathan [Allen], same with Matt [and] same with Ziggy. So, very multiple on what they do and they complement each other well. Then we have the great edge setters with Preston [Smith] and Ryan [Kerrigan] and [Pernell] McPhee and Pete [Robertson] getting better and obviously Ryan Anderson."

On if height was a factor in signing WR Allenzae Staggers:

"No, we just try to get the best guy available. We had a couple workouts and we liked his frame. Well see what he can bring to the table. He has a lot to learn in a short period of time but well get him up to speed."

On CB Greg Stroman, CB Fabian Moreau and CB Danny Johnson:

"I like the way they played. Danny did a good job, did some nice things, and Stroman, you know, hes competing and Fabian. Theyre all learning together, which is good. I thought they communicated fairly well for the most part and were able to fly around [and] make some plays early in that football game. You know, I think they all performed pretty well. I think the communication is what Im most impressed with right now. We dont have a lot of [busted plays], which is good."

On WR Paul Richardson, Jr. and WR Josh Doctson:

"I think they complement each other well. You throw [Jamison] Crowder out there as well and its a good group. It would be nice to get them all out there at once but right now it is what it is. We are trying to deal with the guys we have available but together I think they're good."

On adding veteran running backs to roster:

"I am going to get the list as soon as I go in to see who is coming in for this workout. It will be fun to see. We'll see."