Redskins Coach Jay Gruden Discusses Adrian Peterson

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media following Tuesday's practice.

On adding RB Adrian Peterson:

"We were short, you know. Weve been going to practice the last few days with only three running backs and one of them is Chris [Thompson], and Chris probably wont play a whole lot in the preseason. We need to get some people in here and Adrian was available, came to work out, looked in great shape and signed him and DeVeon Smith."

On the expectations for Peterson:

"Yeah well see what happens. We just got him here and I got the chance to meet him for the first time yesterday. It was his first practice, did a great job today, (running back coach) Randy [Jordan] has already taken him under his wing trying to teach him the offense and that, so well see. I think if youve got a Redskins jersey on, you are here to compete and make the squad, and its no different with him. He looks great right now, legs are underneath him, looks explosive, big, strong and fast, so well see how he does day after day, till the fourth preseason game."

On if Peterson will play on Friday against the Denver Broncos:

"Oh yeah, if we get him up to speed, which I think hes played enough football where he knows even and odd, so I think hell be OK. Id like to get him a few touches in this game and see where hes at."

On what he will do with Peterson moving forward:

"Well there is a lot that goes into it you know, not only what he can do, but where we are at the running back position, where Rob [Kelley] is, where Samaje [Perine] is with his ankle, or where Byron [Marshall] is with his knee, where Chris Thompson is, so I think there is a lot of factors involved in our final decision when it comes to the running back position. My whole thing is -- I just want to get these guys in here, give them a chance to get the ball in their hands [and] see what they can do and then well make the decision accordingly."

On if T Trent Williams was an influence in signing Peterson:

"Hes an Oklahoma, loyal, yeah whatever. If it was Trents way, we would have all Oklahoma Sooners and wed be 0-16 every year. No, Im just kidding! Trent, it was important since he knows him so well. I mean that does play a little bit of a factor. We do listen to Trent quite a bit. When it comes to that, it wasnt the only reason we signed him, we signed him obviously because of all the things he has accomplished in his career, and then we really signed him because of the workout and how good he looked in the workout, how explosive he was. Not only early in the workout, but at the end of the workout and he was not even breathing heavy. Hes in fantastic physical shape."

On if there is pressure to play Peterson:

"I dont think so, you know, Im going to go about the business the way Im going to go about and give it to the people who I think, but Id like to give him some looks and see what he can do. He played for Arizona last year, got a little bit of a stinger issue, injury issue, and didnt finish the season, so Id like to see where he is after contact. I want to see the explosion in the hole, his vision, all that good stuff. I dont think hes going to lose that, but its just a matter of taking the hits, play after play after play and see where he stands as far as stamina goes."

On if Peterson's chances to make roster depend on injuries or his performance:

"A little bit of both probably. Well weigh everything out and his performance will also have a lot to do with it. What he does, not only Friday, but during the weeks of practice leading up to the games."

On if he considers Peterson competing for a positon among the running backs:

"We have a third down back, and I wouldnt ask Adrian [Peterson] to be on third down with all the things hed have to learn right now, thats Chris [Thompson], Byron [Marshall] and Kapri [Bibbs] have that stranglehold. Really, we are looking for first and second down guys. Obviously third down, short to medium hed be in there, but thats what we are looking for."

On getting results from veteran players in limited roles:

"I wouldnt tell Adrian [Peterson] that hes not that. I think he is fully confident that hes still the same guy he once was. On the hook, he looks pretty good. I think the key really is for any veteran to come in here -- number one you have to set a great example for the young guys and to be good teammates, be good leaders, not based on vocal leaders but leaders by example. When you see the type of physical condition [that] hes in, and Vernon Davis and Alex Smith are in, its an unbelievable example for the young kids of what it takes to be a professional athlete for this long period of time. It just sets a good standard, a good tone, for the rest of these guys work ethic, as far as getting themselves ready, year in and year out. I think its great to have him here for however long it is. We relish the opportunity and look forward to working with him."

On Petersons run style fitting into game planning:

"Well figure that out. You know, you have a pretty good idea of what hes good at based on his career. We have all those runs that hes been successful with and it just makes your play-action game a little bit better obviously and your play-action keeper-bootleg game a little bit better. Well feel it out as we go on, but we understand the skillset Adrian has and hopefully we will work to it."

On Petersons injury history:

"I think as a running back, the most positive attribute you can have is durability, number one, and unfortunately for him, hes had a couple of injuries, so well see. Hes fully recovered, weve got every medical test known to man done on him and we feel confident that those injuries are behind him but you just never know. We learned the hard way, whether it is a 22-year-old back like Derrius [Guice]. In older backs injuries do happen, and we have to cover ourselves, which is why hes here in the first place. Hes filling in for Derrius [Guice] and Samaje [Perine] right now and it could be good."

On if there were conversations about Peterson before the workout on Monday:

"I didnt actually talk to him. I just knew we were going to work him out. We had a couple other backs to work out and he wanted to work out and show that he was in good shape and at the workout he proved to us that hes in great physical condition. Hes actually a physical freak if you want to say that. Like I said before, at the start of the workout Randy [Jordan] put him through to the end of the workout and he didnt even break a sweat, hardly. Hes in great shape, explosive, and that is really what sold us. Sometimes these backs come in for workouts and they havent been doing anything, and you can tell theyre out shape. Some of the backs we had in here were huffing and puffing, keeling over and hes standing straight up. He could have gone for another two hours. That played mostly into it -- his great physical condition."

On injury status of RB Samaje Perine, Byron Marshall and C Chase Roullier:

"Chase just has a little groin injury and hes day-to-day. Same with Samaje, [he] is close. Hes got an ankle sprain, so well wait and see, day-to-day. Byron could be a little bit longer. Hes got a sprained knee so well just have to take that for what it is and go from there."

On injury update on DL Stacy McGee:

"Hes karate kicking right now over there [inside the weight room] so hes doing pretty well. I dont know as far as Week 1 is concerned, well figure that out once we get to that point. But hes a big guy and could be a PUP option for us."