Josh Johnson "Every Opportunity I Get To Go Out There On That Field I'm Excited"

Quarterback Josh Johnson speaks to media following practice on Wednesday at the Inova Sports Performance Center.

On maintaining the focus despite not being in the playoff race:

"I think as pros this should be pretty easy for us. Me being a 10-year vet, I understand how the league works. Opportunities are very limited. So for us as a team, our motivation should be simple. We’re playing against the defending Super Bowl champs, they’re hot right now, they’re playing great football, that’s motivation one. Motivation two, one thing I’ve learned, you don’t want to put bad things on tape because that carries you, this is who you will be next year whether it be on this team or any other team that’s evaluating you and this can ultimately affect your career. My thing is to just lead by example being a veteran guy and understanding how this league works, so I mean the motivation for me is easy. I mean it should be for everybody, honestly."

On having a different perspective as a journeyman when it comes to off-the-field controversies:

"I mean, it’s simple for me I learned quickly you control what you can control in this league. For us, it’s preparation, it’s how we handle things on the field. We’re not the decision makers so those things are out of our control. We should leave them in the hands of the decision makers. But for me being a guy that’s been on numerous teams and experienced so many different situations, I think the biggest thing is always like I just said is to focus on what’s the most important thing and the most important thing is that game on Sunday because the eye in the sky doesn’t lie. You just want to make sure that what you represent on that field is a product of what you feel comfortable with when they go into offseason and evaluating this roster as well as many others."

On whether or not he has been approached about spring training and if he is thinking about what lies ahead:

"No, my main focus right now is the Philadelphia Eagles. I can’t really tell you what happens I know this league changes every second, so for me it’s just making sure that I do every day keeping the same thought process, same preparation, making sure we do what we need to do today, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday to give us the best opportunity to win on Sunday and then the chips will fall how they may. But I can’t really worry about that until after the game, that’ll kind of speak for itself, you know?"

On if he feels any added pressure for the final game of the season and adding onto his tape:

"No, this I keep telling you all this is fun for me, man. I’ve been on the bench, I’ve been at home, I’ve been a lot of other places where I don’t want to be. So every opportunity I get to go out there on that field I’m excited and I’m going to enjoy this moment most definitely. I just hope that all the fans come out and be able to support us. I’m pretty sure Philly will be having a lot of fans here, it’s a big game for them as well so we’d like to see a lot of burgundy and gold in the stadium because, I mean, we’re going to go out there and give it our best effort to try to come away with a W and it would be no better for us to have somebody come home with us. Especially a team that won a Super Bowl last year, I feel like that’ll be a good thing to feel good about going into the offseason."

On whether he thinks about how evaluators or whoever may be looking at his tape in the offseason are looking at it:

"I mean I think I’m accustomed to that because that’s the nature of this business. So I really can’t focus on that because, I mean one team may think you’re doing well and another team may not think you’re doing that well it’s all about how they feel about their perception. So, I think that’s another situation that’s out of my control. What I can control is at the end of the day how we go out there and make sure I do my part to help the Redskins get in a position to win. So, I’m just kind of re-narrowing my focus like I’ve always done and just trying to focus on that."

On whether or not he would like to return to the Redskins:

"Yeah, we got some wins. I mean we played well in the past two games since I’ve been here. We’ve played well, we fought hard, we won, we beat a good Jacksonville team and then we came down to the wire with a Tennessee team it just didn’t happen to go our way. I think this is another great opportunity to prove to not only ourselves but to prove to people out there that we’re not a bad football team at the end of the day. So, if we go out there with a win on Sunday beating, again the defending Super Bowl champs while they’re playing great football, I think that’d speak a lot about this team going into next year."

On how the environment of the Titans game felt and his complete performance:

"It was a great atmosphere, man. It was very lively, you felt the tension of the game. You could feel that it felt like a playoff game. I’ve been in playoff games on the sideline, but being in that environment felt real similar I just never actually got to play in that environment until Saturday that was the first time. So, it was a great learning lesson for me and it was an opportunity that I mean we want to be in again. We’ll see what happens on Sunday, but I would love to be in situations like that all over again. That was really cool to be able to play that game in the situation how it went down."

On whether or not he has lived up to his own expectations of how he wanted to play coming in for the Redskins:

"I’m probably my worst critic, honestly. So, I see a lot more of the things that I could do better, and people tell me I need to stop doing that. But, that’s just by nature who I am. I’ve just got to hold myself very accountable so, I mean if I feel like there’s a problem I just look at myself first and what I could’ve done different. I’ve been happy about the fact that we’ve been able to be in a position to win football games, that’s my job first and foremost as a quarterback to give us a chance to win and we’ve been able to do that. Once the season’s over I’ll probably reflect back on everything just to really take it all in to see how this season went, but right now I’m really trying to stay as focused as possible because I feel like that’s very necessary with the magnitude of this game that we’ve got going on Sunday and for me to lead by example, I think that’s my job and my responsibility to make sure I’m doing my part to get this team ready to go."

On the touchdown drive against the Titans that went for over 100 offensive yards and if he ever thought he was out there for an extended time:

"I think the linemen might have. You know, they were working hard on Saturday. But, I think what happened with that drive we just kept playing, which was the beauty of it. We had a false start, we had a good first play then we had a false start then we took a sack and then we got a conversion. We just kind of kept playing the next play and I think that’s kind of what’s important in this game is to treat each situation as its own. You play that play for what it is, and have the ability to move on whether it be good or bad to the next play and then try to execute that one as good as possible and then the next thing you know you’re down there in the red zone scoring touchdowns and then we’re excited. So, I think if we keep that approach up we’ll be able to score more touchdowns. But that drive was good, it was awesome for us to control the clock that way. It really set the tempo for the game and what type of game it will be and it ended up being a great game."

On his 24-hour rule and if he dwelled on the Tennessee loss over Christmas:

"No, I flushed it. I flushed it, I had to. Everybody made me, but I was pissed, I was. I was pissed. I felt like I know I’m a better player than I showed in that situation. But at the end of the day, I used Christmas as the opportunity to get ready on the Eagles. I mean, all my family is back home, they’ve been with me all year so we were good. Christmas for me was a work day. My best Christmas present would be us getting a victory on Sunday."

On if he studied film on Christmas:

"I was here. I was here all day. I’ve been with my family all year, we’re good, they’re good."

On if he has had a chance to talk to QB Alex Smith this season:

"I haven’t gotten to talk to A. Smitty, but I wish I could. If you’re watching this, ‘What’s up?’ I mean we got to spend some time together in San Fran, really good dude, man. I’m sorry what happened to him. You hate to see good people have bad things happen to him, but I’m pretty sure his spirits are high and he’s going to bounce back strong."