Jay Gruden: "We'll Figure It Out And Make It Work"

Head coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media Monday from Redskins Park.

On injuries:

"Alrighty, injury update – I'm sure it's all over probably – but Shawn Lauvao, ACL tear, needs surgery, he'll be out for the year. [Brandon] Scherff tore his pec (Pectoral), he'll be needing surgery and he'll be out for the year. Paul Richardson, shoulder AC joint, he's going to have surgery and he'll be out for the year. [Morgan] Moses, MCL, he'll be day-to-day. [Quinton] Dunbar will be day-to-day with his nerve in lower leg. [Jamison] Crowder, his ankle, hopefully we'll get him up and running, possibly check him out in practice on Wednesday and we'll see where he's at. I'm not sure if he'll go Wednesday or not. Then, Chris Thompson with his ribs, we've just got to monitor his healing and go from there."

On WR Paul Richardson Jr.'s injury:

"Yeah, Paul has been dealing with this thing all year as you know, and he's been dealing with it. Toughed it out for eight weeks and I think the pain has been bothering him so much that I think he needs to get it fixed. I commend him for his efforts trying to play for the eight weeks he played but I think it's time to get it fixed."

On replacing Richardson:

"Yeah, Michael Floyd, [Brian] Quick, obviously Josh [Doctson] and Mo Harris. Jehu [Chesson] is playing, mostly on special teams, but he's our fifth and then if we get Crowder back, great. Trey Quinn, hopefully, he'll be able to start here soon so that gives us seven. We still have a couple pretty good prospects on the practice squad in Simmie Cobbs, so we've got bodies there and we'll make it work."

On adding more speed on the field without Richardson:

"I think we have enough speed. I think Brian Quick can run, really. I think Michael Floyd ran a 4.5, 4.49 at the Combine. I don’t know if he still runs a 4.49 but he can get up and go. I think we have enough speed to get by."

On WR Trey Quinn's progress and if he is the other designated to return from IR:

"Not yet, not ready to say that yet. We're close to saying that but I’d like to get him out there on Wednesday and see where he's at before we start his clock."

On how losing G Brandon Scherff and G Shawn Lauvao and how it impacts the running game:

"You forgot about Trent [Williams]. Yeah it obviously has a major impact. Your two starting guards when they go out in the same game, you're already playing light at left tackle, it makes it difficult. [Geron] Christian came in and battled. Obviously moved [Tony] Bergstrom in there, he competed. [We] had to move Ty [Nsekhe] into guard there at the end. It's different; those guys aren’t getting any reps in there, especially together, so it makes it a little more difficult with the communication. Hopefully we'll sign a couple of guys here today. We're going through the physicals right now but we have to sign two, maybe three offensive linemen to get us through."

On if the injuries from last year helped prepare him for the injuries this year:

"No, not really, it's something you don’t want to go through but it is pro football and you have to go through it. Fortunately we have a very good offensive line coach in Coach [Bill] Callahan and we'll figure it out and make it work. We have a couple of prospects we worked out this morning that could come in here and play right away with some experience and could help us out. We're going to demand a lot out of them, whoever that is, or we have to move some people around that are already here, we can do that. But, we can't slow down, the train doesn’t stop. We're going to keep rolling and go out there and compete against the Tampa Bay [defensive] front that is very, very good with [Jason] Pierre-Paul and obviously Gerald McCoy and Vinny Curry."

On what he made of WR Maurice Harris and his role moving forward:

"I think 'Mo', well, 'Mo' will change if Jamison [Crowder] comes back. Jamison will be more regulated back to the slot and 'Mo' can be moved outside, but I like what Mo has been doing. I think he had over 100 yards yesterday and had some good looks. Mo has always been a consistent player for us; not the fastest guy in the world, but he runs excellent routes. He's a quarterback friendly guy, knows how to work in zone, does have the quickness to separate man-to-man so he's a great option for us right now."

On how hard it is to coach up a free agent signing this late in the season:

"Yeah, it's difficult. It's going to be depending on that player. We're hoping that player has some experience and can come in and do it – understands what pro football preparation is all about, is in decent enough shape that he can handle it, so that's what we're banking on right now. It's something you don’t prepare for, but when it does happen, this is what you have to do. We have some guys developing in house that are young that have very little to zero NFL experience that we're trying to develop for the future but not for Sunday. If we need to play them, we'll play them but let's take a look at some of these veteran guys and see how they fair, see how they can learn, see what kind of shape they're in and hopefully move forward."

On how long we can expect T Trent Williams out:

"Realistically, I don’t know. I think a lot is going to depend, being that it's a thumb and it's his dominant thumb, it's going to depend on whether or not he can get the cast on as comfortable as where he can still grab. I don’t know if that’s going to be another game, another two games, or three games, we're not sure yet. We're hoping two games tops, but that's an optimistic view. It could be three, who knows?"

On his evaluation of the defense's performance on third down after watching the game film:

"First of all, Matt Ryan is a very good quarterback and he put the ball on the money – a few tight window-throws. They made some great catches. They have a very, very good receiving corps. Nobody is going to argue that with [Calvin] Ridley and obviously Mo Sanu working the slot and Julio Jones, one of the best receivers in the league. But, they gave them decent time and we didn’t get the pressure that we anticipated. Then, we dropped a few coverages that we normally don't drop. There's a lot to correct from that film. There's no finger pointing as far as one person had a screw up. It was maybe this corner got beat, maybe this linebacker dropped coverage, maybe this safety missed a tackle, maybe we missed a communication here, this pass rush didn’t work, this line stunt failed. There's a lot of things that go into a third down 10-for-13 outing like Atlanta had and something that our guys take very seriously and plan to correct."

On running backs finding a rhythm with new pieces to an offensive line:

"I think when you're talking about a running back reads whoever is blocking for him – he still has his reads – whether it's the A-gap to the B-gap to C-gap or D-cap to C-gap to B-gap. Whatever it might be, he has to press the line of scrimmage and make his cuts based on the defensive front. The reads won't change a lot. It's just we'll have different people making the blocks for him in the combinations. The key is to get the communication right so we're going up to the right people, which is critical. We had a few of those mess-ups when we had all the people moving around. I think we'll be fine. We just have to make sure we stick with the plan, keep it fairly simple but not too simple. Still going to challenge our guys to do some great things and hopefully the guys we sign can fit right in and play."

On G Arie Kouandjio coming off IR:

"No, no. I just saw him. No, he's not ready yet. He's working out but his injury is pretty significant."

On RB Byron Marshall returning to the active roster:

"I don’t know yet. I want to check on Kapri [Bibbs]. Kapri's not on the injury report but he had a good game again yesterday. He's been steady. I think with Kapri and obviously [Samaje] Perine got a few looks there late and Adrian [Peterson]. Those are our three [players] right now. If we chose to bring Byron up, we'll have to figure out a way to make him fit in the lineup."

On T Ty Nsekhe and TE Jordan Reed:

"Yeah Ty is OK and Jordan came and got treatment today. He should be fine."

On if he is bringing in players for depth on the offensive line or to start:

"Well, I think they might have to start – somebody. One person is going to have to start at least, maybe two, depending on the competition and how they do. I anticipate signing at least three guys, maybe four. I don’t know yet but we put two guys on IR. We have to look at some people quickly."

On if C Casey Dunn will play right guard:

"Right now, guard only. We moved Ty [Nsekhe] in there at left guard and played [Geron] Christian at left tackle. We'll have to wait and see if that's an option for us. I like having Ty at tackle and Morgan [Moses] at tackle – having those big bookend-tackle – then [Tony] Bergstrom and [Chase] Roullier on the inside. Then, whoever that other one is – it could be Dunn – whoever else we're looking at right now."

On getting the new offensive line prepared for strong defensive fronts:

"Oh yeah, that's just something we have to try and rep in practice with the limited time we have out there in practice and work it. That's all you can say. Some of these guys have done it and played it in games and know what to do. But, it's a matter of going out and doing it with another guy that they haven’t done it with is a challenge."