Jay Gruden: "The loss really was painful for a lot of reasons."

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden on the sideline against the Tennessee Titans.Photo: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Jay Gruden Sunday Press Conference

On S DJ Swearinger’s comments about defensive coordinator Greg Manusky’s playcalling:

"I’m quite disappointed to be honest with you. We made it pretty clear that we try to keep our business within these walls and we’ve had many a talks before about that and unfortunately he chose to go to the media again and talk about his displeasure with some of the calls. I know Coach Manusky works extremely hard as does the rest of the staff to put together a game plan and unfortunately we didn’t get it done."

On if there will be any disciplinary action taken in regards to his comments:

"We’ll talk about that here a little bit later. We have a couple days off here for the players and then we’ll take everything in and go back and read everything and listen to his side of the story and go from there."

On if he believes Manusky and Swearinger can coexist if they talk things out:

"Well we have been for quite some time, so yeah. I believe that that can happen, but things need to be laid out and talked about and all that good stuff, which I imagine could work, yes."

On his take on the incident between Titans T Taylor Lewan and CB Josh Norman at the end of the game:

"I saw the end of it. Just a little clip of it. I think for a player to come on our sideline and taunt one of our guys when he’s on the bench not doing anything is not the right thing to do. I think Josh had every right to defend himself on our sideline and I got to find out exactly what happened there, but I just saw the highlights of it and at this point it’s an emotional game, guys laid it all out on the line, you’ve got people frustrated and talking to the media and you’ve got that happening with Lewan and I don’t think there is any part of that in the game, taunting the other team after a game. So, I’m all with Josh on that one."

On if he is more disappointed by the things that happened after the game or the loss itself:

"I’m more disappointed with the loss itself. After the game it has happened with the same guy a couple times now, so it’s kind of become redundant to me. But the loss really was painful for a lot of reasons. I think our guys played very hard. We just had a couple plays there where didn’t make that we had chances to and they made the plays at critical times. Hats off to them, but it was a tough pill to swallow without a doubt. Adrian [Peterson] ran the ball extremely well, we held the ball a long time, I think we had an 11-minute drive at one point. Defensively we had a couple good sacks, a couple good pass rushes, but we couldn’t get a stop at the end of the game. You look at the penalty on Fabien [Moreau] and it’s a hard pill to swallow there. Then the interception by Ha Ha [Clinton-Dix] could have been a pick-six if he just kept his hands together but not for a lack of effort, it was a good break by him but unfortunately we just couldn’t make the plays and then the drop by Michael [Floyd] there on the one-yard line and we just had a few plays that we didn’t quite make, we were supposed to make and then they got the win and we didn’t."

On if Swearinger’s talent outweighs the distractions:

"He’s a talented guy and he has played very well this year. I think he’s an alternate for the Pro Bowl and he has done some good things. I don’t know if he really understands that what he’s doing is not helpful one bit. It is a distraction. It hurt Coach Manusky, he worked his tail off during the week to get the best game plan together, called man coverage on third down-and-six which about 95 percent of the other coordinators do and we got an unfortunate PI call. He called some great zone coverages, we missed tackles on third-and-12 and they got converted, we missed a tackle on third-and-six on a tackle on a back in the flat and they converted on that one for a 30-yard gain. So, at some point we are in this together and the players or player has to understand that we are working extremely hard and Coach Manusky is working extremely hard that we don’t need any of that stuff after a game."

On if there is an update on DL Matt Ioannidis’ hamstring:

"No it’s just a hammy. We will see how he is when he comes back to work, but he’s got treatment today and it’s a little sore. That’s all I got."

On how the guards and the offensive line graded out and if he thinks OL Tony Bergstrom and Ty Nsekhe have a chance to play this weekend:

"I think they do. Bergstrom was close last week. Ty didn’t do anything last week because he was pretty sore, he didn’t have a lot of the mobility that he needed to have to be effective but I think he’s got a chance to play this week, as does Bergy. I think Luke [Bowanko] played pretty well on the right side and we brought [Kyle] Fuller in when Zac [Kerin] got hurt and he did some good things too in the power running game. He showed some power in there and he had a false start there on his first play, he kind of flinched a little bit and he gave up a pressure there early, but after that he settled down and played pretty well for us."

On the play calling on the last drive:

"Well, we had 10 seconds left and no timeouts left. The first play we tried to send five vertical and knife one down the sideline, try to get out of bounds and then the last one with three seconds to go we were going to launch it to Josh [Doctson] and have Jamison[Crowder] trailing Josh Doctson for the tip ball possibly. I thought that was the best chance to get it – more so than a hook and lateral from your own 20. I know the Dolphins just got one, but they were playing back and we just tried to throw it up deep and maybe get a tipped ball."

On if he has ever had a player question his play calls in the past:

"No not really. It just goes without saying. We’ve had conversations with players before about certain things, but never have been questioned in the media the day after and I think one guy’s voice is not necessarily the opinion of every other player on the football team. I don’t know why he feels that way, but I don’t think Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne and Mason Foster and the rest of the guys feel the same way. We will have to wait and see. I just don’t want to have a torn locker room and have people start pointing fingers. That is the one thing that we try to really, really, really preach against – no finger pointing after a loss. You just have to accept it and give the credit to the other team and then move on and learn and try to get better."

On where things stand with QB Colt McCoy entering this week and if QB Josh Johnson will start against the Eagles:

"Josh will start this week for sure. I think Colt is making progress, but I don’t think he has made enough progress where he can actually play right now. If we’re fortunate enough to still have a shot for the playoffs we’ll still go with Josh and if we’re fortunate enough to actually make it to the playoffs then there is a discussion there where Colt could actually play in that game, but not this week."

On how he thought Johnson played against Tennessee:

"I thought he played really well to be honest with you. He moved the ball. He got some great third down conversions. I think we were right around 50 something percent on third down, which is very, very good. He had a nice run there on the outside toss crack play designed for the quarterback. He scrambled around and made some plays. It’s just unfortunate the last play of the game what happened on that. I know he’s watched that play about 300 times and he’s sick about it. But overall for what we asked him to do and what he had to accomplish in a short amount of time, I thought was extraordinary. I can’t say enough about the way he’s played the last couple of weeks."

On how tough it is watching the other games today knowing that the playoff chances are very slim compared to where the team was when they were 6-3:

"Yeah, it’s very disappointing without a doubt. You look at where we were at 6-3, we had a lot of things going positively. I felt like we were still underachieving so to speak, especially on offense. I think Alex [Smith] was just starting to get his rhythm a little bit, get a lot more familiar with the players and what we were doing and getting better and better. Then he goes down and obviously Colt [McCoy] goes down and we had issues with the guards and tight ends and everybody else. It was a tough pill to swallow. It is a tough pill to swallow because I know we have a very talented team here and I feel like I didn’t get enough out of them to get us in a position to advance to the playoffs."

On if Swearinger has been disciplined in the past after comments he has made:

"No, I have not. We had a discussion about him before and thought we squashed it but I guess not."

On what he has seen from WR Josh Doctson this season:

"I think he’s shown some improvement, yes. I think he’s fought through some injuries here the last couple of weeks. He had the hip flexor a couple of weeks ago and yesterday he was kind of dealing with the back spasms and he fought through it. He was in major, major pain after the game. I really appreciate him fighting through the pain and trying to make some plays. I think he’s shown more physicality at the receiver position, both in the running game and the passing game. I still would like to get him more opportunities to make some plays on the ball down the field, and we’ve just got to continue to try and press that issue with our quarterbacks. Having played three, four quarterbacks, sometimes it’s hard for them to trust the fact that this guy does have a 42-inch vertical and you’ve got to get him some 50/50 opportunities. It’s partly my fault. I could have called a few more plays for him. So yeah, I think he’s still from a stats standpoint, I think he can do a lot more, but I think the quarterbacks can give him a lot more looks. Hopefully in the future that will happen."

On if there is anything more he needs to learn about Swearinger in regard to his comments after the game:

"Well, I’d like to sit down and talk to him first before I do anything. I think that’s the most important thing is to have a discussion with what he said exactly and check out the interviews, get the verbatim, read everything, present it to him and find out exactly what he was thinking and why he was thinking that and then we’ll go from there. I think it’s important to actually talk to the player first before I come to any radical conclusions on a Monday after a tough, tough loss."

On if he will talk to Swearinger tomorrow:

"Yeah. I'll probably do it tomorrow, yeah."

On why he feels that he didn’t get enough out of this team:

"Well because I feel like we could have done better. I thought we had the skill on defense to be a very good defense. Offensively, we had enough people in here to be productive. We left some plays out on the field and a few bad calls here and there. That's ultimately on me. They saw us compete yesterday. We had every opportunity to win that game and a different call here by me or what have you. Maybe something a little bit different, maybe I could’ve gotten a little more out of them. Unfortunately, we're sitting here watching TV and hoping some teams lose and doesn't look like it's going to happen."

On if there is any update on TE Jordan Reed and if WR Maurice Harris and TE Vernon Davis are both still in the concussion protocol:

"Yeah, I don’t think you really get out of that. I think you still have to progress as tolerated. We won’t know about how much they're progressing until they actually get here and sit through the meetings and go through light workouts as tolerated by the doctor and by the player. That's kind of a process that will go on for a little bit. We'll see how they do. As far as who's the other one? Jordan Reed. Jordan Reed wasn’t close. No, he wasn’t close last week, so he'll have to make some significant improvements when he comes back on Wednesday for us to think he can play."

On if they are eliminated from the playoffs this afternoon will be look to shut Reed down:

"I don’t know. We'll talk about that at a later time, but we don’t have a lot of bodies that we can play. There's a couple young guys on the practice squad that we could possibly promote. There's no reason to put him on IR with one game to go. If he can't play, he can't play. He'll just be inactive probably at this point unless we need to bring somebody up and need that spot. Right now, I feel like we came out pretty healthy with the exception of [Matt] Ioannidis and we dressed six linemen anyways. We still have five healthy defensive linemen to play. We have our healthy linebackers, we have healthy safeties, corners I think we're OK. Offensive linemen, we actually came out better, especially with [Tony] Bergstrom and possibly Ty [Nsekhe] coming back. You know the guy I'd like to get some carries to would possibly be [Samaje] Perine. I think he deserves that opportunity to get some carries, try to get him up possibly. Other than that, I think the guys will play."