Jay Gruden Discusses Injuries and Preparation for Giants

Coach Jay Gruden Friday Press Conference

On injuries:

"Alright, out will be Ryan Anderson, hamstring; [Tony] Bergstrom, knee-ankle; [Colt] McCoy, fibula. Questionable will be [Zach] Brown, illness; [Matt] Ioannidis, shin; [Chase] Roullier, knee; [Josh] Doctson, hip."

On how close DL Matt Ioannidis is to playing:

"I don’t know, he didn’t do anything today but we're going to check him out a little bit tomorrow and then right before the game. We will check him out and see how he's feeling. He's got a bruise down there that’s pretty deep. He's seen a couple of specialists and I think we'll have to wait and see."

On if Ioannidis's injury concerns a nerve:

"No, no.

On if he ever wants to hear the word nerve again:

"No, no. You guys do get on my nerves [Laughter]."

On what happened to WR Josh Doctson:

"Yeah, he strained it [hip] a little bit today, so we kept him out of individuals. I don’t think it's serious but we just have to wait and see tomorrow."

On who will start at right and left guard:

"Close, close. We'll figure that out but we have a nice walkthrough tomorrow just to get our things tied down with who's going to be in there communication-wise. It could be a rotational type thing. There's no law that says you can't sub guards in and out in between series and check out some different guys in different spots. We like to stay consistent but we have different flavors of guards. We have the mammoth guards we can put in there; we have the more athletic guards we can put in there. Right now, we're leaning one way but we'll hunker down tomorrow."

On the challenges of rotating guards:

"Yeah, yeah they're going to be new no matter what, so it doesn’t really matter. We'll just switch them."

On if they do more work on emergency situations in lieu of injuries:

"Well, we did a lot in training camp. I talked about how important versatility is, then we lose [Tyler] Catalina, who is a very versatile guy who played tackle and both guards. Then we lose [Arie] Kouandjio who played both guards. Then, after training camp you have to let some of these guys go, like [Demetrius] Rhaney, who was a pretty versatile guy so we brought him back and then you only have so many guys you can carry on your roster. The guys you carry, you try to keep them playing different positions, but we've lost so many, we've had to go to the streets and the guys that we've picked up; Zac [Kerin], he's a versatile guy. He's played center and both guards also. Austin Howard has played guard and both tackles, so those guys have been pretty versatile. Ty Nsekhe hasn’t played a whole lot of guard but he's got the ability to play both tackles and guard now. So, it's part of the deal. If you're an offensive lineman, you better be versatile unless you're a Pro Bowler like Trent [Williams] and he even played guard one year."

On how the offensive line has progressed throughout the week:

"Yeah, you know we've just been trying to mix and match and trying to pick the best five. Like I said, who knows who that will be if we have to sub them in and out. We're just getting to know a couple of guys. They just got here not too long ago, so it's tough, but the most important thing is making sure they know who to block and who to go to with the communication, especially in protections. Because there's a lot of different looks you have to deal with; odd fronts, even fronts, blitzes, overloads, all that stuff. That'll be a challenge but I think Coach [Bill] Callahan and Phil [Rauscher], they've done a good job of getting them ready."

On potentially playing four tackles across the offensive line:

"They're big, they're good pass protectors. We get some movement so we'll have to wait and see if that’s the way we go. It will be a huge line, there's some merit to that, but there's also some merit to have more athletic guys that get out in space, get up to the next level in screens and all that stuff. It's just a matter of how we go."

On if there's truth to the idea that quarterbacks like shorter guards:

"A short quarterback like me? Yeah, I like the short guys so I can see over them [Laughter]. I think when you're talking about dropping back in pass sometimes the beef is better, where you don’t have a lot of push up the middle. Sometimes you have smaller type guards, you get the push up the middle and that bothers quarterbacks more than having to see over them. So, it’s easy to step around and find a lane but when you have people pushed in your face, it’s a little bit more difficult."

On if S Montae Nicholson will begin to rotate back in with S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

"It could be, yeah. We haven’t given up any hope or any thought of Montae as a good player, we just have… D.J. [Swearinger Sr.] is playing at a pretty high level and obviously getting Ha Ha with the experience I think back there has been pretty good but us having three good safeties is pretty important. Usually in the past, we've run through a lot of safeties around here throughout the season. Fortunately for us, they've all stayed healthy, so having three good ones is very beneficial, but Montae does have a lot of range and could help us."

On planning the starting guards around QB Mark Sanchez's comfort:

"I don’t think Mark really cares who is at guard. He's got a lot to worry about protections, routes, and all that stuff. He just wants to be protected and we have to do the best job protecting him. I think the style of runs could change depending on who is in there. The passes might change a little bit, but for the most part, if you want to be a physical football team, you want to have physical people in there, but we've had success with the pulling type guard plays also. So, the most important thing is making sure whoever is playing guard they know what the heck to do and then we'll figure out athletically what's best, what run concepts are best, protections and all that."

On the cadence and if it has improved:

"A little, no false starts today Hallelujah! So, that was a good thing; that was a good start. It's all getting better, it’s a process just getting to know the players and calling plays in the huddle, breaking the huddle, tempo, all that stuff has gotten better and better."

On if CB Josh Norman will follow WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

"That could be the case, but Fabian [Moreau]'s playing pretty well also, so we'll figure it out from a standpoint of whether or not he follows and when he follows and all that. Josh has done fairly well against good receivers this year. Some receivers had some big hits, but for the most part, he would be a good option."

On how far along Sanchez is now after a week of practice:

"I think when you're getting all the reps and you're having all the information presented to you individually and then you're going out and taking the reps and executing them, then you're watching film of the reps, I think it will increase naturally. Now, it’s a matter of just going through everything we've done in practice this week and finding out what he likes, what he's comfortable with and what he doesn’t like. Sometimes the most beneficial part of practice is getting rid of plays that he doesn’t like and we don’t waste them on game day. I'm sure that will be the case here over the next couple of days and we'll get a good plan for him. But, he's got a pretty good list of plays right now."