Jay Gruden: "Athletically We Have To Adjust To Movement"

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media following Thursday's practice at the Inova Sports Performance Center.

On injuries:

"Out will be, [Colt] McCoy, fibula, [Jordan] Reed, ankle-foot. Questionable will be [Josh] Doctson, lower back spasms, Vernon Davis, concussion, [Maurice] Harris, concussion, [Ty] Nsekhe, knee, [Ryan] Anderson, hamstring, [Tony] Bergstrom, ankle, [Matt] Ioannidis, shin, [Tim] Settle, pec and [Austin] Howard, hip."

On what happened to WR Josh Doctson:

"Just lower back spasms."

On when the injury to Doctson occurred:

"It occurred yesterday, after practice. This morning I think he developed a little bit of a [type of] deal, so he's been in treatment all day. We'll see how he's doing tomorrow."

On TE Vernon Davis:

"Well, he passed all the concussion tests on Sunday and then yesterday I guess it was, he was developing some symptoms, so we had to put him through the protocol type deal and that’s what's going on right now. Very similar to Maurice Harris."

On Davis' odds of playing Saturday:

"Yeah, I don’t know. This concussion protocol stuff is out of my hands. Once I know that they're in it, they have to pass the tests, then be cleared for practice and all that stuff. So, we'll have to wait and see on that one."

On what it's meant to have RB Adrian Peterson on the team:

"Well, it's been great. Any time you can add a veteran presence like Adrian, it's always beneficial to the younger guys and to the football team's state of mind. You feel like you're in four-minute drill, or you need a yard and you have him back there, you feel pretty confident you're going to get it. Hasn’t always been pretty back there, but he's a guy that’s grinded out some tough yards and been pretty consistent all year long. He's been a great role model for the younger guys as far as how to take care of your body for future life and in the NFL."

On the progress he's seen from QB Josh Johnson from his first to second week:

"I'll tell you what, from one week to the next just huge progress. I mean it’s been two weeks, so he's been great. Just his comfort level, leadership, I think guys tend to look a lot better with the more reps that they get. If you’re a backup at quarterback and you’re just throwing pat and go, maybe getting some carded work, it's hard to see your development. But, when you're getting all the work with the ones, you can see a guy and talk to him about each individual throw, the footwork, the reads, the protections and I can see he's getting more comfortable. It's a difficult deal, but at least he's a guy with some brains and some confidence and can play."

On why he's using RB's Chris Thompson and Byron Marshall together now:

"Jordan Reed, pretty much. I think whenever you get Chris Thompson, you’re talking about pass situations and you don’t ever want to take Jordan Reed out for another back. There's no reason to. You want Jordan Reed on the field at all times. Now that Jordan is out, you have to come up with different ways and if Vernon [Davis] is out, you have to come up with different ideas to try to get different people on the field. So, that’s really the only reason."

On the decision to put S Montae Nicholson on Reserve/Non-Football Injury List:

"Well I mean obviously, it's out there on video and that’s a situation that has to be taken care of. So, we put him on that list and get somebody else up. We've got [Jeremy] Reaves up in his place and Reaves has been on the practice squad and knows what to do and hopefully he'll be a participant on special teams and do some good things."

On why Nicholson was placed on that specific list:

"No, I can't explain that and I would if I could."

On if he anticipates QB Colt McCoy practicing next week:

"Do I expect Colt to practice next week? He's doing more and more work on his leg, on the treadmill and all that stuff and I think there's a possibility. I don’t know how great that possibility is, but he's chomping at the bit for sure, but we'll have to wait and see."

On who will play at guard if Ty Nsekhe can’t go:

"Yeah well hopefully, [Tony] Bergstrom is questionable. He had a decent week, het got some work in there, so he's a candidate obviously. Both Zac [Kerin], Zac is a candidate, he played a little bit. So, we've got some options in there. We've got Austin Howard, but he's questionable also, he can play inside and outside, which is a good thing and Luke Bowanko obviously played a lot at right guard, so we'll have that covered. Then we have [Kyle] Fuller from the practice squad off the Texans. He can play both center and guard and there's a chance he could be up as a backup type guy."

On if Nicholson was also injured:

"Injured? No."

On T Trent Williams’ seventh consecutive Pro Bowl and if he is in the upper echelon of his position group:

"Yeah, there’s no question about it. Unfortunately, he hasn’t really been able to play a whole year with me, he’s missed some time with injuries, he’s fought through some injuries. Last year he had the knee that he fought through and played because of all the injuries and stuck out a few games. He’s just a guy that anytime you have him at left tackle you feel pretty good about your situation there. He’s athletic, he’s big, he’s smart, he’s tough, he can do anything I want him to do. He can pull, he can run out on screens, he can pass protect, he can run block, he’s a great leader for the guys in the locker room. So, he’s the best. First pick of the draft, you wouldn’t hesitate taking a guy like that. He’s a great, great, great player."

On whether CB Fabian Moreau will be on the outside or the inside and who the fifth corner may be:

"Me. [Laughter]. We have Adonis [Alexander] rolling right now as the fourth and after that [Jeremy] Reaves has been here he can play inside, maybe play outside and obviously, I just drew a blank, we just signed him, Harlan Miller, sorry, there’s a chance he could be out as a fifth. We’ve just got to get him up to speed. As for

Fabian, the plan right now would be to leave him outside but he has the ability to play both inside and outside."

On handling the questionable guard situation and facing a stout defensive front that likes to stunt:

"Well, the center’s got to take care of a lot of that. He’s got to get people in the right spot and then athletically we have to adjust to movement. You know, that’s just the way it is, that’s the way pro football is. If you don’t adjust to movement nowadays you have no chance in the running game or the passing game. I think we’ll be okay though, we have to just change up our run schemes a little bit, change up our pass protections from time to time and make sure we change the launch point of the quarterback to have a chance. If we think we’re just going to drop back seven steps and throw it every time we’re kidding ourselves. If we’re going to hand it up the middle every time it’s not going to happen. So, we just have to make sure we change it up. It’s our job as coaches to do that and then their job as players is to make sure they handle the movement."