Greg Manusky: "We're Looking At This Game As An Important Game For Us"

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky speaks to media following practice on Thursday at the Inova Sports Performance Center

On the comments made by S D.J. Swearinger and if he discussed the comments with him:

"I did not, I did not speak to him afterwards but you know his statements are out there. He made them and he has to, you know, he just made his comments and you know that’s what most players do if they had comments. I try to do the best I can across the board to protect each and every player across the board and you know that was it."

On his interactions with Swearinger before the comments were made:

"I think overall you know it was just trying to lead us in the right direction. You know every time it was the most important thing that we get out there and play as a team. One unit I always told you, it doesn’t matter what call it is I don’t have a magic crystal ball but as long as we play together and play as a team we’ll have success."

On whether or not he was open to Swearinger’s suggestions over text after he reviewed film at night:

"Yeah, it was usually maybe on a Tuesday night or something like that usually about eight or nine o’clock you know, I think I don’t remember exactly what time, you know and just text about certain things and I’d text back. It happened probably two or three times throughout the season and I’d just say, ‘Yeah, pretty much we’re looking at it.’ You know from that standpoint sometimes if it’s a third down situation, you know first or second down stuff probably about three or four texts we had."

On if texting is a good approach for player input or if there is a better way:

"No, I think across the board what you do as a coach is you have your game plan, you go in through it and then all of a sudden certain routes do show up or something that might change you know throughout the week. You know even during halftimes, when we’re in halftime it’ll change based upon what they’re doing. And, I think during the week everybody has the ability to change what’s best for the team and what’s best for the individuals that we have playing out there. So you know it changes during the game, sometimes halftime, during practice, sometimes it changes."

On if he ever implemented changes suggested by Swearinger:

"Yeah, sometimes I think. You know overall for the whole season, you know I think players come up, ‘Hey how about this stunt?’ From a D-line perspective, [Defensive Line Coach] Jim Tomsula comes to me you know or even [Outside Linebackers Coach] Chad Grimm, even today. You know coaches come back and forth and same thing with the players. You know in this situation, ‘What about this or that?’ You know and, ‘Hey we’re sticking with the plan we’re doing.’ Or vice versa. We take a look at it."

On if he thought Swearinger’s comments crossed the line:

"He said what he said. I can’t do anything about it. It’s what he said, you know crossing the line. Hey, I’m just going out there trying to win games as much as we can each and every week."

On keeping the team together and ensuring everyone is on the same page:

"That’s the biggest thing is we’re all on the same page. I think it’s vital that every game that you play that every person, the new guys that are in there whoever they might be, Deshazor [Everett], whoever, are on the same page. From a lingo standpoint they’ve got to understand what we’re trying to get through. We’re looking at this game as an important game for us, it’s a divisional opponent and it’s Philly."

On how he’s working the safety position for the final game:

"Yeah, I think a little bit with like I said Deshazor is going to be playing a decent amount and then Jeremy Reaves will get opportunities in there. So, those two individuals will be playing a decent amount."

On what Deshazor Everett brings to the table:

"I think the biggest thing is he’s been in a couple packages we’ve had throughout the year. Overall, he understands the defense, he understands you know from the concepts. Does a great job; he’s a physical player that’ll put his hat in there. Did a great job today actually and looking forward to him having a great game this week."

On what the biggest difference is in the defensive performance from the beginning of the season to now:

"I think overall, sometimes the injuries that we had you know with ‘Dunny’ [CB Quinton Dunbar] and stuff going down, that kind of hurt a little bit. You know with ‘Dunny’ being a pretty good player, you know locked down some guys and made some plays on the outside. But, you know overall I think we tried to get better every week we could. We held opponents sometimes to less points. You know sometimes in that Tampa Bay I know that was a lot of yards but I always tell them, ‘Hey, they could drive the ball as much as they want but as long as they kick field goals we always got a chance.’ But overall, I think the injuries kind of hurt us a little bit."

On promoting guys to develop leadership on their own:

"I think the biggest thing as an ex-player and as a coach, I think the biggest thing is those rooms have to have leadership in them, you know what I’m saying? I know there’s a couple rooms that we do have some leadership qualities in each room. But from a coach’s perspective, the hardest thing is when you don’t have those leaders. We do have those leaders here and I’m expecting them to step up this game and they have you know pretty much for the last couple weeks when things haven’t been as great as they have been."

On if he thinks S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix can fill that leadership role:

"Yeah, definitely. A guy from Alabama, of course that came from a great organization in college and I think he’s one of those individuals that’s going to step up and do a great job for us."

On the younger players on the roster’s performance this season:

"Yeah, I think individually-wise I think Fabian [Moreau] has done a great job across the board we’ve had a lot of young guys. Matt Ioannidis, he’s been up and down with injuries. Of course Jonathan Allen, the number of sacks that he has, has some success inside. [Daron] Payne’s done a good job on the inside. Ryan [Kerrigan], you know he’s a guy that’s going to give you 11, 12, 13, hopefully 14, 15 sacks a year. But you know overall, I think as a collective group we’re doing better. I think we just got to keep on improving and kind of scale back a little bit of the calls for the younger guys that are in there and hopefully everything will go great on Sunday."

On if there is a heightened intensity playing the Eagles this week:

"I think the energy’s been great in the meetings, I think out in practice it’s been great. I think it’s a divisional opponent which we know. And I think that’s the most important thing is we got to go out against these guys and go out there and put our big boy pads out there all the time, you know out there and try to strike, separate and try to make plays."


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