Greg Manusky: "We Got To Get Them On The Ground"

Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Manusky speaks to the media following Thursday's practice.

On Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz's ability to extend plays:

"Well, I think the biggest thing is you have players upfront that can get after him and get him down. He's a big frame guy, very similar to quarterbacks that… Andrew Luck is very similar. Ben [Roethlisberger] same thing. Just guys that like that, you know, that they can actually get them down physically. But overall on the back end, you have to be able to plaster. The first game we didn’t plaster. I think on the first possession then they got a score. But overall on the back end, we have to make sure to plaster because he can extend plays, get out of the pocket and break some tackles that you see that he does a lot. We have to make sure we plaster on the backside.

On Wentz's progression after his injury:

"I think it's just confidence in his knee and confidence in his ability to play. Overall, he has good targets to throw the ball too. They have a good running game. They have a good offensive line. He's just taking it in stride and kind of knows the system a little bit better of course after his second year. But, he's having a lot of success and he's playing good."

On learning from big missed plays:

"Yeah, there's always lessons like sometimes the post safety and the angles they come out of the post safety or guys that missed tackles but we have to get them on the ground. That’s the biggest thing is all the great defenses that I've been around, it's usually they could get them down right now. The yack yardage is not as much and that’s what we didn’t do. That's very important when you play a game of football is tackling. We have to do a better job tackling. We're practicing it on the field and we have to do a better job on Monday night."

On how the Eagles have changed the way the use Wentz:

"Yeah, you know, I guess, it's just the offense that they have. Overall, I think he can run and he does scramble out of the pocket. He does a great job of keeping his eyes up the field and he makes them a lot of positive plays out of those plays that he has because guys on the backend don't plaster. We have to make sure we do that."

On the defense giving up run plays:

"A couple times there were a couple missed fits that we had and it's very important to have the post safety making those plays. One time we didn’t have that support system in there and they ended up scoring – which we don’t like – but we have to fix that."

On the run defense falling off in the last few weeks:

"We have to buckle down up front, get on the outside, set a good edge across the board and have those inside linebackers filling those gaps the way they're supposed to. We'll be back on track."

On S D.J. Swearinger Sr.'s comments:

"I think playing 12 years in the National Football League, you have to have some humor you know what I'm saying. We had the walkthroughs last week. It was a short week having about an hour of a walkthrough or 50 minutes, it take a little bit of a toll. Their concentration level is not going to be focused for 50 minutes. But overall, we try to have a little bit of fun doing it. We go through our situational football and try to talk through it and work the plays that we think we're going to get. With his comment, you know, that's his comment he makes. What I'm trying to do is focus on everybody across the board from the D-line to the linebackers to the DBs. Overall, it is what it is."

On keeping players locked in during a playoff push:

"I think you have to pick up the meetings a little bit. From an attention span, I think it is like 20 or 30 minutes from a player's perspective being in the meeting. After that, it kind of just overwhelms you a little bit and you're mind starts to drift. But overall, I think that attention-to-detail, giving them a little bit of a break here and there, even during practice. That’s why we go back and forth to get them a little bit of a break so they can focus on what they're supposed to focus on. Overall, in my 12 years, it's a grind, from the first couple of weeks, especially for young players. I mean, this is the time where we start the season really. Pretty much, now, we have to start rolling. For those young players, they've already played their 12 games and they're done, with four preseason games and the games that we've already played. This is when we have to pick it up."