Colt McCoy: "You Just Got To Go Out There And Be Efficient"

Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy speaks to the media Tuesday at the Inova Sports Performance Center.

On walkthrough today and what he has been saying to the team:

"I don't have to say a whole lot. We're pretty much just limited to walkthroughs and kind of getting the scout team to give us a good look. The biggest thing for me is probably just getting in and out of the huddle, calling the plays, communicating with those guys, letting them get used to my voice, my cadence, just detailing small things like that out. On a short week, just figuring out what we can do, what we can carry to go down to Dallas and play our best."

On if he thinks about the ups and downs of his career:

"Yeah, I think to an extent you do. I always evaluate myself at the end of every year. I think for me, now is not a time to really kind of think about what got me to this point right here. Now, it's time to play. I rely on a lot of the preparation I've put in the last several years when Kirk [Cousins] was here. Kirk never got hurt. He played well, but I was always ready to play. You know the same thing with Alex [Smith]. Now my preparation is going to be key this week, but at the same time, I'm fortunate that we've played Dallas once already this year so I've been through that game prep, that preparation. I mean it’s a huge game let's be honest. I think we'll be alright. We just have to go out there – I have to be calm, get playmakers the ball and hopefully we can put our best foot forward out there."

On if the adversity in his career has helped him:

"Yeah, for sure, it's a blessing to be in this league after so many years. It's even a bigger blessing to be able to go out and play. There's one of 32 guys who get to do it. I think throughout my nine years, I certainly don't take this for granted."

On what he remembers from his last game in Dallas in 2014 and if the situation is similar now:

"Well, I think it's a lot different. I mean that was several years ago. I think the Cowboys are definitely a different team. They do different things on defense. That was against [Tony] Romo so it's been a while. After watching tape of the Cowboys a few weeks ago when we played them and watching them again this week, they have two huge wins on the road and their defense is playing at a really high level. You just don't see a whole lot of guys running open against them and they're pretty good against the run. They're well coached. They're disciplined. You don't catch them off guard too many times. We've got our work cut out for us. I think from my standpoint, I'm thankful to get the opportunity to play. I just need to get guys the ball, get Adrian Peterson going, spread the field and count on the guys around me. I don't have to go out there and do anything special."

On how he felt he played Sunday:

"I was a little rusty at times. There was some good. There were a couple things maybe I wish I had back –maybe a protection call here or there. For the most part, it was alright. We just ran out of time. I did have a chance to go see Alex [Smith] yesterday. All things considered, he's in pretty good spirits, bummed out. Let me tell you, I can't say enough about Alex and the type of person he is, the friend that he is. I mean we spent countless hours together since he got here and helped him get a head start on the offense. It was just us for a while. You just don't ever want to see something like that happen but thankful I got to go see him and Liz and their family. Now I'm here and we're getting ready to go to Dallas tomorrow and I've got to get ready for that and we'll move on."

On if QB Alex Smith told him anything moving forward:

"Alex is a true professional. I mean he wants the best for everybody and he just told me to go run with it, go have fun and just be me. That's what I'll try to do."

On the deep ball to WR Josh Doctson in the fourth quarter during the final drive:

"The play call was there. I knew if we could just get a few more yards, we might have a chance for a field goal. I know that we were battling the clock. You throw it in bounds in a situation like that, you start, you know, do you have a hurricane or do you have time to go up there and clock it? There are a lot of different situations and scenarios there. I thought I gave Josh a chance to go get it and we just came up a little short. I actually thought he caught it at the time. I was getting ready to go down and clock, clock, clock, but it's alright, I wasn't upset about the decision there."

On if he is relishing this moment to keep the team at the top of the division this week:

"Yeah, that's my goal. I'm thankful for the opportunity but I think it's even more than that. It's time to just go play and put everything else aside. We have a huge game this week. It's a huge game."

On if it was hard to stay motivated as a backup:

"Yeah, it's not easy but at the same time, I'm thankful for where I am [and] for the things that I’ve gone through. Hopefully some of the ups and downs that I've been through in my career will help me now, help me in this situation. I think if I didn’t enjoy football, if I didn’t love football, I probably would have maybe been through. But I love the process. I love the challenge each week. I love getting ready to play. I love game planning. I've been with our coaches for a long time now. I'm very well coached and now I just get a chance to go do it. So, all those things will hopefully pay off. "

On the offense being a good fit for him:

"Yeah, well I think a little bit when I say the offense fits me well, I think part of that is because you kind of get molded into it being here for so long. That in itself is a huge blessing playing quarterback. I've been in places where you get one shot – one year – in one offense and then you're moving on to the next, and that presents its challenges obviously. For me, again, it's a short week, just have to go out there and be efficient and hopefully we'll play well."

On what it means to him to have the support from his hometown in Texas:

"Yeah, we're still quite a ways from Dallas but I think it's great. I've kind of turned my phone off this week just to focus on play. I certainly wouldn’t change where I grew up, where I came from. Everyone there means so much to me and that's a special part of me. Right now, my focus is on this team and how I can help this team this week because I know they're counting on me. Our defense is playing great and we have playmakers on offense. My job is to do what I'm coached to do and hopefully we'll play well."

On if former Redskins QB Kirk Cousins has texted him:

"I haven’t talked to him. Not yet."

On how the current quarterback situation affects his game play versus past quarterback situations:

"No, I think we'll bring Mark [Sanchez] up to speed as best we can. He's a veteran guy. He's been a lot of places. He was with Kevin [Passing Game Coordinator Kevin O'Connell] and Bill [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Bill Callahan] and Coach Cav [Offensive Coordinator Matt Cavanaugh] in New York, so he has some familiarity with those guys. From my standpoint, I just have to go do what I'm coached to do. Again, I've watched the Cowboys over and over the last couple days. They're just really good. They don't give up many points. I mean you look at all their games for the year and they're hardly giving up over 20 points ever. I know the challenges that their defense presents us and that's my biggest focus this week is; how do we be efficient? We have to run the football. Then when we have plays, we have to make them. A lot of that comes down to me and so I'm just doing my best to be prepared for those situations."

On diving head first:

"Yeah, I mean I probably should not do some of the things I did last week. I was just trying to come in and win the game. Yeah, definitely be smart back there."

On if his family will see him play against Dallas and if it helps eliminate any nerves:

"I know they'll be there. My family has been supportive of me for a long time. As long as I've been up here I've been the backup, they haven't come to as many games, but I know that my family and friends will be there and everybody will be watching. I try not to think about it too much, but I do know that I have been supported very well by everyone back home and especially from my family and I appreciate that."

On staying engaged when he was a backup:

"Yeah, you've just got to keep going. Jay [Gruden] and Kevin [O'Connell] and those guys have challenged me every now and again, keep me on my toes. They've done a great job over the last few years believing in me, keeping me involved in the game plans, asking me if I have suggestions. They know how hard I work and getting ready to play. So, I think all that in combination and at the end of the day, I still love the game and as a backup, you always know you are one play away and that's my responsibility to our team and I just never took that slightly. I always wanted to be prepared and always be ready. Now, this is a different situation, you're going into a short week, you get a couple of walkthroughs, you’re not practicing, we're not doing full speed reps this week. So, there are some challenges and hopefully we, especially me, I mean our guys are ready to go, but for me, I hope that I can eliminate the mistakes early, knock off the rust as fast as I can and really kind of settle in. For me, that would be huge."