Ryan Kerrigan: "I’m proud of the way we competed.”

Ryan Kerrigan Postgame Interview vs Texans

On falling short against Houston:

“Yeah, a hard fought game. That’s two first place teams right there going at it. It came down to the wire and you’ve got to give it up for [Dustin] Hop[kins]. I mean an effort like that on that play, especially after being banged up like he was up here last week. It’s a tough loss because I feel like this game we could have had, but I’m proud of the way we competed.”

On QB Alex Smith going down:

“Terrible. He’s a great guy, been a great leader, nothing but a positive force for us since he’s arrived here and to see him go down like that, you hope it’s nothing serious and we’ll learn more this afternoon or tomorrow. But again, you hope it’s nothing serious.”

On facing Dallas Thursday:

“Yeah, it’s a real blessing to be able to play Thanksgiving. It’s really cool, I mean growing up watching football on Thanksgiving and now to be the entertainment, especially in a game against Dallas, a division rival, it’s an awesome treat and no time to worry about this one.”