Redskins QB Alex Smith: "We’ll learn from it and get better."

QB Alex Smith Postgame Interview, Washington Redskins vs Denver Broncos

On RB Adrian Petersons performance:

"I thought he did a really nice job -- tall order. The guy just got here, got up to speed fast and all of a sudden hes getting a bunch of touches in a football game, so I thought he did a great job. Like I said, getting up to speed mentally, knowing what were doing and then I thought going out there and just playing still looks pretty strong and explosive. I thought it was good to get in a rhythm to see what he can still do."

On the importance of getting Peterson reps tonight:

"Yeah the one highlight for us probably in the first half was us being able to run the football a little bit. It was nice to get into a rhythm. I thought the guys up front get those five guys back [offensive line] together for the first time I thought they played great and really set the tone for us, getting us going. So yeah, it was good to see."

On how he would describe his performance:

"Not where it needed to be. I would love to have come back and any time you rip off a seven-yard run on the first play, youre rolling and then all of a sudden you take a sack, put us at third-and-long and start the game with two three-and-outs. Its tough to get into a rhythm when you do that. We were able to get a little bit going there those last couple drives. Got some good situational work, got a bunch of third downs that well be able to learn from. Two fourth downs, we were able to convert on one. So therell be some stuff for us to look at and I think get better at. You expect to go out and execute. I get that were not full-strength, were not showing everything, but at the same time, you want to go out there and play your best. So, well learn from it and get better."

On timing of game action after taking only a few series:

"Youre able, at least in practice scenarios. Some of the guys that arent playing in games can be out there because we arent tackling to the ground and the risk of injury is obviously less. Ive been able to take advantage of those reps when you get them with the guys at practice. I feel like last week, to get a full week of practice against the Jets, was great work for us in a real environment like that. I mean, its our job just too kind of take advantage of the reps when you get them, whether they [are] on the side, in practice, out here in the limited reps in preseason games. Make the most of them and get yourself up to speed, thats kind of on all of us, but I do feel like weve got the majority of our work in practice."

On preseason game performance compared to the first regular season game:

"A lot there. Itd be tough for me to talk about anything thats gone on in years past. Obviously, I wasnt here so itd purely be speculative. I think youve got to take every single year different. Rosters change, scenarios change, circumstances all change. You try to balance it out the best you can. Like I said, I feel like weve gotten great work all offseason, all camp. As good as it would feel to sit up here and play amazing and win a game, the goal is to find out about our 53 guys that are going to make the team and obviously be ready to roll come September 9th. Thats the goal and I think keeping that in mind, I do feel like were headed down that path. The proof will be in the pudding for us. Weve got to be ready to roll come September 9th. For me, I feel like thats been the focus since weve started way back in April. Thats all weve been talking about since the schedule came out."

On his comfort with the wide receivers:

"I feel like it's something that never ends, the work with wide outs, the perimeter and the entire route. Whether it be tight ends, running backs, quarterbacks, it's something that never ends. Youre constantly working. Youre constantly trying to get better. Theres no place you get to where youre like all of a sudden, Hey were good now, we dont need to work anymore. Thats just not the way it is. We have a group that works really hard. Weve put in a lot of work together and thats what it takes, it takes reps, it takes timing. Like I said, it just never ends, you continuously strive and can work at it. Weve got a group that does that. They put in the work, they put in the time the attention to detail and like I said it doesnt stop. Next week it wont stop and in season you just continuously work on it and try to fine tune.

On playing without WR Jamison Crowder, TE Jordan Reed and RB Chris Thompson:

"Any offense is going to be better with all the weapons out there, of course. Hopefully well have them all out and ready to roll, Im hopeful for that. At the same time, whether thats the case or not, were going to kick off and were going to play. We have to be ready to roll. At the same time, we have a lot of depth on the team. If thats the case out there, then great, if not, then we still have to go. We still have to find a way to put points on the board and win a ball game. I guess thats my mindset to answer your question."

On if he wanted to go back in the game in the fourth quarter:

"I wasnt a part of any of those conversations. For me, obviously, just staying ready and then was told that my night was done and Colt [McCoy] was going in. So yeah, I wasnt a part of those [conversations]."

On his reaction to RB Adrian Peterson joining the Redskins:

"I knew we were bringing a bunch of guys in to work out, I knew Adrian was one of them. Were pretty banged up at the running back position right now, so again, Im excited for him. Ive known Adrian going all the way back to the Heisman ceremony we [attended] together back in college. I was excited to see what he still had. I was so excited to see it tonight a little bit to see what was left in the tank. Hes a guy that takes really good care of himself, works really hard, keeping himself in shape. Hes still pretty explosive so it was nice to see here."