RB Adrian Peterson and QB Alex Smith Postgame vs Cowboys

RB Adrian Peterson and QB Alex Smith Postgame Press Conference vs Cowboys


On how his body feels:

“It feels good. We just got a win so it makes everything feel better. I feel a lot better than I did last week though, I’ll say that.”

On rushing just shy of 100 yards:

“Make some better reads on my end, and fall for positive yards. I’ll just take the six yards away from the 120 I had, and I’ll throw it on the 97 or 99 something like that, it’ll average out.”

On pitching the ball back to Alex Smith on the one-yard line:

“Just trying to make a play. I had to apologize to him because he took some hits he didn’t want, but I just wanted to give him a chance to create something. For me it was a perfect position, I was falling back, guys were below my waist, so I didn’t really put us in an awkward situation of losing the ball. So, I made eye contact with him and pitched him the ball.”

On if he’s surprised by his success:

“I think everyone else around is surprised; I’m not. I expect greatness from myself. That’s why I put the work in. God has blessed me with a tremendous talent, a lot of people see it, and a lot of people don’t. Just keeping confidence in myself when I’m presented with my opportunity I’m going to take advantage of it every Sunday, or whenever the game is.”

On playing well through injuries:

“I feel like I’m a very important part of this team. Just to show that leadership, that determination, it’s a mindset of mind over matter. My desire to help this team be successful and knowing how critical this run is that we’re on with two division games back to back, I can endure a little pain to help my team be successful. It’s just a mindset that I’ve always approached this game with.”

On playing against Saquon Barkley next week:

“Well, it’s not my first look. I’ve had the opportunity to sit back and watch him. He’s nice, man. He’s a heck of a football player. So, he’s impressed me so far. But, it’ll be good to watch some film. I’ll be watching some film. Obviously, he’s on the offensive side of the ball, I’ve seen some of his highlights. Our defense, they’ll have a tough challenge and they will be equipped to stop him, they did a great job to stop them, Ezekiel [Elliott], great offense aligned, they did a great job controlling the front. They’ll just have to do the same thing next week.”

On final winning kick:

“So, the penalty came from a false start. Obviously before it was like, miss it, miss it. Then you push it back 5 yards and it’s like, he’s going to miss it- I remember saying to a few guys, ‘He’s about to miss this kick.’ And, I’m thinking, my mind is already set just in case, but I really wasn’t floating over time, to be honest with you. But had it went there, just get in that mindset and take care of business. But, just praying for a miss.”

On being a Texas native and playing against Cowboys:

“For me, it was like the game as usual. Obviously, you feel the energy as far as offensively, defensively, the guys are just playing really hard because of the rivalry and how much this game means. We know what it means to the ‘Washington Redskins Nation’ fans and just for our organization. Most importantly, it being a division game, so we can with the mindset to get a W.”


On the field goal attempt:

“I was going nuts. I wasn’t sure if Jay [Gruden] was going to try to call the timeout or not and try to ice him, play that game. I didn’t know – you’re looking around for any flags and making sure it’s officially official. Then you’re celebrating. It’s a big win, it’s hard, it’s really really hard to win football games in this league, especially against a team like that within the division. It was a hard-fought game, and you don’t always want them to come down to that kind of dramatic finish, but we’ll take it.”

On being first in the division:

“No, I think the division game means a ton because you know there’s going to be huge ramifications down the line. It’s almost worth two with the head-to-head, I think that’s the biggest thing. I think records and first place—we’re six games in, it’s pretty early to talk about that kind of stuff. But you do realize that those division games down the line have huge ramifications as far as the division goes in the NFC.”

On his play in the first half to TE Jeremy Sprinkle:

“Yeah, I mean I think for us offensively, specifically myself –redzone I think obviously jumps out right away post game. If we do a better job in the redzone, then the game could have ended much differently maybe not as dramatic. We could have opened that up a little, situational football we talked about it a lot. We gotta be better at it—I certainly had my shot obviously with Sprink[Jeremy Sprinkle], sailing that ball putting too much air on it but we gotta get better down there we got down there. I feel like we marched it down a few times and to get inside the five inside the ten you know against these hard fought games those are big big plays.”

On the wind’s impact on play calling:

“I felt like the only ball that got impacted by wind was the ball to Mike [Floyd] just on the out—it certainly did kind of rise on me. I don’t think it affected the ball to Josh [Doctson] at all, I was trying to rip that ball off the seam and the safety’s coming over the top and those are the things that you miss it by a yard. Certainly, was more of a time issue there at the end when we put up the Hail Mary, we didn’t have enough time to get down in bounds and get to field goal range.”

On run at the end of the game:

**“**Yep, you saw that huh? You know the situation. We’re in four minutes, I know they had one time out left. I didn’t first see myself initially stepping out and having that grasp. For me I knew a first down would end the game and I did have glimpses of myself getting the first down whatever it took. They were kinda on the yard to make. I saw the line and potentially jumping for it, obviously didn’t get to that position. I all of a sudden found myself pretty awkward on the sidelines there and can’t have it—it could have obviously cost us the game in hindsight at that point, I think kinda abandon ship and go down there on the sideline.”

On his first Redskins vs. Cowboys rivalry game:

“You have been hearing all the history of the last four games, the last two years. I think anybody who is an NFL fan, I think a little bit, is aware of the rivalry across the county. These are old storied franchises that have not liked each other for a long time. Very cool to a part of it though, from me and being humble. You just look up at all those different times when on the sideline and look around the stadium and the kind of atmosphere that it was today. It was very, very cool, especially to be a part of. Humbling”

On the spilt decision to run versus throwing the ball away:

“It is a fine line. I talk with Jay [Gruden] about it a lot. I mean the biggest thing, most of the time you have to keep your eyes up. A lot of times you turn on film the next day, and some guy is busting open because of the threat to run. And all that stuff is happening fast and you try to make good decisions with the ball in your hand. So I think you try to take them all differently. All those little situations you try to catalog all of them. Even the one at the end of the game. That is a four- minute situation we are trying to stay in bounds. Sometimes there are times when you got to take some risk and maybe throw one up and give your guy a chance.”

On Kapri Bibbs and the Chris Thompson imitation:

“I mean I thought guys executing it certainly. [Brandon] Scherff had a great block, kind of on the kick out there with the screen. And then Kapri [Bibbs] doing the rest. The guys down the field though. You don’t get those big kind of plays without guys blocking down field. I thought our guys outside all day long in the run game and in the screen. Allowing our backs to get down field and make some plays.”

On overall confidence level with the offense:

“I mean every week is a completely different challenge. I think the goal is just to get better week. Are we, am I, at where I want to be, certainly not. We found a way to win today. And I think kind of continue to progress every week. We have got to get better, we got to continue to makes strides. And I think we have but it is not always going to be smooth every week. Like I said it is a totally different matchup, there is not a ton of carry-over from the week prior. I think you need to keep progressing and I think we have done that thus so far.”

On Josh Doctson being a friendly target:

“I think a lot with Josh [Doctson]. I mean, he has such good ball skills, such a good hands catcher, you know catch the ball away from his body. I think he is physical. We talked about that all week and I thought he played like that today, really physical. I thought he made some really, really big plays for us on a couple of those. And we needed him.”


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