Norman: "We Are Going To Be Better Each Time We Step Out On The Football Field"

Redskins CB Josh Norman speaks to the media following Panthers vs Redskins

On the meeting he called on Tuesday and practice afterward:

“It was great – practice was awesome. I talked to my guys – my defensive guys, the secondary – and I wanted them to know that everything we do, we do it as a unit, as a group. Regardless of what the outside noise, outside of us, we got to come together. And we got to come together now. This is the time where men are made to be great. And we have the opportunity to be great because we have guys in that room that can do it, we showed it week in and week out. And now we got to man up and it starts with me. It starts with me and what we do and how we do it and how we lead those guys. They all buying in and I just want to see them succeed so bad now. And the things that we went through I can share with them and they can share with me. We can all communicate and be on the same level. And that’s what we had conversations about – nothing more than that and nothing less. That was pretty much the point.”

On going against his former team:

“You know, during the whole week there was a lot of chatter. So it’s like, gosh, this is coming down. But you know the thing is, God created us for times such as these – he really had – and we got to understand and know that. Before we went out on the field, it was a great Bible verse that was quoted when we all came up, it came from Joshua 1. I don’t want to botch it so I’m going to read it, it was: ‘Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ And that struck a match in me to be like, ‘Okay we courageous, we strong wherever that may come up against us, we know we will be able to stand the test of time’. And we came out there as a unit, all guys on the field, all 11 guys – it wasn’t one guy, it wasn’t that, it wasn’t this – it was all guys going out there and doing their job. And we did it to a phenomenal executional way. I just want to tip my hats off to those guys and really appreciate everything they’ve put into it this week.”

On two turnovers against his former team:

“Every time we play those guys, it’s always satisfaction if I can do that. But all in all, those guys, they know how I feel about them. I know how they feel about me and that’s the thing. It’s just going out there and playing them. When you get in between those white lines all that goes out the door, it really does. I know what they bring, they know what I bring. And it was so fitting today that I was able to bring one to them. But at the same time, outside of the field, outside the white lines, they still my brothers of old and of new. They know that. I talked to them before the game. Even started on Friday when I was getting my workout in, Cam [Newton] and Luke [Kuechly], and we talked a little bit and told him, ‘I got something for you, in here at 3:15 lifting.’ Back there lifting with the lifting coach and just getting ready for them. I really was, I was preparing myself for this one. I knew it was going to be a special weekend. It came out to be that and I was so grateful for it.”

On criticism throughout the week:

“This week was a little bit different, I’m not going to lie. People cam from everywhere, fan base, I was just like, ‘Gosh.’ Checked my phone every time there was an alert or something, it was just the weirdest thing ever. And it’s like I’m playing cornerback versus everybody. Not just the opposing team but the outside team and the noise of just everything. But when I went home, into my nice humble abode, La Grande Evasion I call it, everything shuts off, everything goes quiet. I’m at peace, I really am because I’m going to live my best life regardless of what these people say or what anybody else say. I’m going to do what we do best. My teammates know that. As long as they know we have their back and they have my back, I can stand the test of time. Regardless of what they say or what anyone else says, we going to do us. And we going to do us in a way in which we are going to come out and be better each and every time we step out on the football field. If they have my back and I got their back and they can trust in me and I can trust in them, then that’s all that matters.”

On his interception:

“It’s crazy. It’s fitting that, you know, that we break that little streak against them, the team that I was with. I guess we’ve got a flare for dramatics somehow. It’s so special to where, I saw the play, it hit me with a double move. Like I said, they know how I get down. They know those first routes I like to come up on them aggressive. I played with them as defense, I played with them myself. I let the game come to me and not to it. As soon as I saw it, I think someone got back their arm or something, I think the ball was up in the air- that’s the only thing I saw. I think Montae [Nicholson], I think he came back on, dropped back in it, but I just saw the ball. And I wouldn’t let God’s angels lift me up and take it from me if they were out there. I just saw that one time and wanted to go in and get it and capture that moment. And once I did, the whole team came out and celebrated. That’s what it’s truly all about. It’s not about one person and what they do it’s about this unit and how far we can go as a group. We can carry each other. That’s all that matters.”

On forced fumble:

“It’s like an RPO. They love those combinations where they dive down to the running back and throw that quick slant with number 12 [DJ Moore]. I know Dunny [Quinton Dunbar] was on that side. But he kept running the ball, you know. I guess he was drinking off the Yak. So, I saw him and I came off and he never saw me. He never saw me. And that’s the that plays I go back to and I want to make, I want to be a force on the running game regardless what happens. And I just saw it and I captured my moment. Ball came out, I tried to find it, one of the guys recovered, and that’s just one of the plays that we got to have in order to have a good defense. And we did that, no matter who it was, was able to do that as a unit and that’s special when you can get turn overs. I think we got 3 today so that was pretty solid.”

On Mondays disagreement with Coach Gruden:

“Well, everything was smoothed over after the fact anyway. That was something that happened on Monday and today is Sunday. And we already got better from that, everyone that was involved. There’s nothing that I’d like to say further following up.”

On this win and team confidence:

“Well, it gives us confidence. It drives and exudes confidence in us to go forth. And go and create our own destiny. We have the drivers, were in the driver’s wheel of the car, we really are, we’re driving the car, we are it. We look at it and it’s like we’re in first place right now. So we have to continue to steer in the right direction. As long as we can do that and put on these consecutive games of where we don’t fall one, and drop one, win one, drop one, win one, no, we got to keep this consistency path, we’re in the driver’s seat so we have to be able to maintain ourselves and maintain our confidence to go forth and keep that consistent streak. I don’t think we’ve had one in a very long time so, we’re looking forward to that, we’re going to prepare this week and such. Then we’ll see this Sunday.”

On the overall defensive play:

“It felt really good. The way we started the game, we finished the game. We started the game with defense on the field and we finished with the defense on the field, and that’s what you want. To be able to come in here and hold these guys, a prolific offense, I think it’s the number one rushing team to come in, and hold then 17 points, I mean gosh, you can’t ask for something better from a defense standpoint. I’m so proud of those guys, each and every one of them. All 10 guys on the field and the guys that worked to get on the field and you know, it’s something special that you can build from this and we are not done yet. We still have more to go, still have more to improve on, believe it or not. Everything is not peaches and cream, when we watch the film we’re going to get coached up on a lot of the things that we missed. But the thing is, taking that coaching and understanding what we got to do to go forth, we’ll be better from it and we’ll understand that. We will be able to come out week in and week out and a performance of such, but it takes all of it. It takes everything, the unit of the defense and the offense. And special teams played big today, they played huge. I mean [Dustin] Hop[kins], oh my gosh, such a team player, of the week if you ask me. His big kicks allowed us to go out there and hold them down and we end up getting a big play too on that fumble. Going down on the field, guys are so excited to be on that, it’s a nice feel that we have. Just got to keep that feeling going.”