Colt McCoy: "I just have to go out there and give it all I’ve got."

Quarterback Colt McCoy's full Press Conference following the 23-21 loss to the Houston Texans.

On starting against the Dallas Cowboys next game:

“First off, my thoughts and prayers are with Alex [Smith]. He’s an unbelievable guy, a true veteran, true pro. We spend so much time together and he’s played great this year, done a great job and we know we play a violent sport, you just never want to see that happen. So I wish we would’ve won that game. We had a chance there at the end, we were battling the time and if I could’ve made a couple more plays we could get [Dustin] Hop[kins] a little closer kick. We’ll learn from it and move on. We’ve got a short week with the Cowboys. For me it’s nice because we’ve played them once this year, so I have a little bit of tape on them, but I’ve still got to knock a little bit of rust off and get ready on a short week.”

On having the chance to start again:

“You pray for opportunities to get to play. You never like to see how it happened today, but for me I just have to go out there and give it all I’ve got. I’ve been a starter before, had it taken away, and it’s not a good feeling. I kind of battled my way back. Been here for a while now so hopefully I can go out there and play good ball and help our team win. We have a good team here and they’ve got us in great shape, Alex [Smith] has got us in great shape, we’ve just got to go continue to play football.”

On what Coach Jay Gruden said to him on the sideline:

“I’ve had so many conversations with Jay [Gruden] over the past five years. We didn’t really say much, he just said, ‘Let’s go get this win,’ and we were pretty close.”

On team thoughts about the loss:

“Couldn’t tell you. I think we have a core group of guys here on this team who are solid professionals. They approach their jobs the same way every day and I’ve tried to do that for the past five years, prepare myself and get myself ready. I’d like to stand up here and say we won that game, we came back and won, but we were just a little bit short, but this league is about winning. I think we know that, in that locker room there’s good leadership and on a short week we’ll have to be our best against the Cowboys.”

On dealing with the shock of playing after seeing an injured player then refocusing:

“It was on a third-down play so you know we had a little bit of time on the sidelines to gather ourselves so I took a couple snaps with Chase [Roullier]. We still had a lot of football left to play and I’ll go check on Alex [Smith] tonight. My prayers and my thoughts are with he and Liz and the family, and you just never want to see something like that, but now we’ve got to move forward. I know my responsibility and I’ll get myself ready to play.”

On his confidence level on starting with the first team:

“We’ll see, it’s tough, it’s not ideal. I think for me I’ve been here a little while. Haven’t taking reps with these guys in three of four years so I think there will be a little bit of a transition there but probably more for me than for them. Them getting used to my voice and those things, but again, it’s football, we’ve got to just strap it up and play.”

On keeping his energy while waiting to start:

“This league is all about opportunity, and for me, I’ve known my role the past several years is to help our defense get better and to be prepared every week, help our starter, help our team, be a leader, be an encourager. Do the things that I can behind the scenes to be successful and I don’t think from my standpoint anything will change, I’ll just get to play now, and so I’ve got to get myself ready to go for Thanksgiving.”

On the throw to Jordan [Reed]:

“Well, when the first call came in, I was like, ‘Alright, where’s my mouth piece at, got a run play here.’ But again, I think I’ve been with Jay [Gruden] for a while now. He kind of knows how I like to play the game. I thought he gave me a chance to come in here and win this game and he and I will get on the same page this week and be ready to go. But Jordan [Reed] ran a nice route. We kind of had the look we wanted. Obviously, I ripped that play but, he made a nice catch, nice snag in protection, and it was nice for the press to get a pic like that and giving me a short field coming off the bench. That normally doesn’t happen. Again, we’ll lick our wounds and pray for Alex. And we’ll gear for going down to Dallas.”

On the short week:

“Yeah, I mean just, studying the Cowboys. I mean, we probably won’t practice much, it’ll be a lot of walk throughs. Whatever game plans things that we’re going to put in this week, just getting as many reps as I can. Just to feel comfortable, feel confident, get looks, we’ll go from there.”

On avoiding getting hit and changes to the offense moving forward:

“Yeah, Coach [Kevin] O’Connell told me to get out of bounds if I can. I actually thought I did get out of bounds, still got hit. But I don’t think a whole lot of change. Alex [Smith] liked some things that I wasn’t used to that I needed to learn. But I would say that being here for as long as I have, the foundation of our offense is the same. So I’ll just continue to get better and give the guys the opportunities to make plays. That’s the most important thing.”

On relaxing before Thursday’s game:

“I’ll probably just calm down this week. Really focus on my job and probably have a lot of family and friends there. But at the end of the day, it’s football, I’m excited to play. Again, I hate the circumstance but at the same time, we have a really good football team and I’m excited to go out there and play with them.”

On team goals versus personal goals:

“Yeah, I don’t think I can really think about that. My approach has always been the same. If I’m called upon to play inside of those white lines, give my team the best opportunity to win the game. I think as long as I approach it that way, things will happen like they’re supposed to. I’m thankful, I’ve been on the bench a long time so I’m excited as ever to go out there and compete. Go out there and play, I do think I can play. So, we’ll just move forward and hopefully we can get a few of the injured guys on our team back. That will really help and we’ll see where we go.”

On personal growth since being on the bench:

“I think, most importantly, I’m more mature. I played my first 3 years in the league as a young guy and sometimes that can be challenging, and it certainly was for me. But I think I’ve grown up, I’ve grown up a lot. I feel comfortable in this system and how we execute our offense. I’m very well coached so I think I’m just going to try to go out there and compete and make good decisions and let the calls fall as they may.”

On game rule changes since last time starting:

“There have been some rule changes. But again, I compete as hard as I can in the preseason. I play as hard as I can. I feel good about that. The difference is, I hadn’t played with these guys. I hadn’t played much. Alex [Smith] was new this year, he got all the reps, as many as he could, and that’s what we needed for our team. And I was there to help him and help him learn the offense, kind of be an extra set of eyes for him. Now I don’t think much will change for me except I get to go compete and play and I’m thankful for this opportunity.”

On his connection with Jay Gruden:

“I should probably rephrase that and say, I know how Jay [Gruden] sees his offense, I know how Jay wants this offense run. I’ll do my best to make that happen.”


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