Chase Roullier: "Colt Is The Strongest Competitor"

Redskins offensive lineman Chase Roullier speaks to members of the media following the 23-21 loss to the Texans.

On what happened following Alex Smith’s injury:

“It’s kind of hard for me to say, you know, I’m kind of up there in front of it. So, it was a really unfortunate thing that happened, but we’ve just got to say our prayers for Alex [Smith] and hope for a speedy recovery there.”

On the atmosphere of the huddle after Smith went down:

“It’s obviously a very unfortunate thing to happen and it’s something that you say your prayers while it’s happening, and you’ve just got to ready for the next play with Colt [McCoy] coming in. Game’s not over at that point and you’ve just got to keep pushing on.”

On if there was new intensity or motivation to play for Smith:

“I mean, there is always going to be that intensity, it doesn’t matter who’s in that game. We’re out there, we’re all competitors, we’re out there to win a game. Obviously, we want to win the game, whether that’s for Alex [Smith] or for us as a team. The intensity is always there, regardless.”

On if he said anything to QB Colt McCoy when he came in to get him ready:

“Colt’s always ready. Colt is the strongest competitor I think I’ve ever seen. He’s ready to go at any snap, he prepares like he’s a starter every single day. I have all the confidence in Colt going out there, as soon as he comes in, it’s just the next man up and we’re ready to go.”

On why he is the strongest competitor he knows:

“The amount of effort he shows every single day, even when he’s out there leading the scout team, it’s like a Super Bowl every single day to him and he just competes every single day.”

On digesting the loss and preparing for Dallas:

“You’ve got to digest it quickly. We only have a few days, it’s something that you’ve got to learn from your mistakes quickly and move on to the next opponent. Like you said, we don’t have much time and it’s something that you’ve just got to put on the backburner and get ready to go for the next week.”