Adrian Peterson: "That one hurts but it is on to the next."

Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson (26) scores a second-half touchdown as Houston Texans free safety Tyrann Mathieu (32) looks on during the second half at FedEx Field.Photo: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson Postgame Interview vs Texans

On bouncing TD plays out to the left:

“The guys were playing in and I was able to do a great job pressing it and getting those keys to sink in and it opened up, I just took it. You know, Coach [Gruden] has been on me these last couple of weeks to go out there and challenge that corner, that cornerback, challenge that guy and I believe we can make it happen”.

On importance of next week’s game:

“Oh yeah, this game is behind us and you know it was a tough loss, one that could have gone either way, that one hurts but it is on to the next. We have a big game coming up Thursday, a division game and we can get right back in the swing.”

On Alex Smith’s injury:

“Anytime you see one of your teammates go out and you know immediately, and immediately know it’s a season-ending injury especially at the quarterback position, it’s devastating. After seeing the pain in his eyes, I teared up and it hurts me. He’s a great guy and I felt like he was just warming up and you know, I know we will have his support the rest of the season. I feel like Colt came in and didn’t miss a beat, after his second throw, a touchdown to Jordan Reed, we are going to have to lean on him to get it done. He knows the offense in and out, and we know what we need to do, he needs to make sure he’s ready to roll.”